Welcome Weary Travellers,


Welcome to Traveler’s Yarn!

This site was originally home to the writing and podcasting I created while I was travelling around the United States, Canada, Central & South America and Asia while working aboard cruise ships.
These days I live in Shanghai, China so the blog will follow my life as I try my best to adjust to the culture and become local.

For five years I worked for various companies seeing lots of different countries and meeting people from various backgrounds. For a while I blogged about it, I think in some of the posts you can feel my exhaustion as I worked my butt off aboard the Disney Wonder while also trying to see as much of the countries we were visiting as possible.
Then later while in Asia I started podcasting.
I heard so many unique stories while touring Asia, such as Chinese family histories and how to kill animals Mongolian style that I finally had to record some of these stories. At first my initial thought was that I’d want to remember these extraordinary tales so I should just save them on my computer for later recollection.
But then I realized other people might want to experience these stories aswell.

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I now live in Shanghai and pass the time by teaching performance skills and doing casual consulting and casting. There’s lots more writing to come as I acclimate to the local culture and learn how to survive in such a unique city.
There’s a lot to learn here and I’m bound to have many trials and mistakes along the way.

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I hope you enjoy!