Has it been 4 days already?

Hello again

I wanted to post something real as soon as possible after my intro post, cos theres nothing very cool about .. Hi.

So here we are, its been 4 days since I opened up my door and pushed my baby into the world, and it’s been terrifying. If scary knowing that people are reading your work! You put hundreds of hours, lots of planning and heart into something and you just don’t know how it’s going to be received.

My biggest fear was the reaction of my colleagues at Disney, as the book talks about my understanding and opinions it doesn’t necessarily reflect some of their opinions, however the responses so far have been positive so thats a relief.

Another welcoming response has been that the book is relatable to people that have no desire to perform at all, but can relate the struggle and willingness to succeed to their own walks in life, which is wonderful and something I absolutely didn’t see coming.

The first edition I released independently and without a publisher, and so sourced both editing and illustration independently and am thrilled with the results. How do people do this kind of thing alone??

Hopefully a promotion will turn the high number of interested people who love the idea of the book, into a high number of people who open the first “digital” page and start reading and (fingers crossed) loving it!

But the journeys just begun, and the trend I’m finding online is that self published books take up to a year to reach their potential so it could be a while to see any crazy positive results.

But in the meantime I’m excited to answer questions, share stories and tell it like it is right here so keep posted. If you have anything you want answered or any feedback, I’m just an email or facebook message away.

See ya next time.

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