To All Who Come to This Happy Place, Welcome :)

Ahhh come on did I just destroy the coolest intro in history by using it here? Aww nuts.

Well here we are, I have a site now yay, and your reading it! Double yay.

I’ve started this page so that I have something to write on when I want to update the world on my adventures, and also to answer questions that I’m asked in a broad public setting for everyones benefit. You also get to enjoy my ridiculously long sentences.

So who knows what gonna happen? I’m gonna write what I feel like semi-regularly, when I publish something new this is the first place you’ll hear about it. This’ll be broader than just Disney stuff like the facebook page, but will still have heaps of that too.

Whatever publication is next will be fictional though so, keep an eye out for that 😉

Talk soon crazy kids

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