Zits, the Industry and me.

My skin is awful.

Even at Disney I could scarcely manage pimples, so these days my skin is (as far as entertainment standards go) atrocious. So how do I ever get booked?

.. I work for kids.

These days in the “season” I’m in now, “season” which here means the time in my life in which I work for kids, the look matters a lot less than it normally does in this business.

Of course it still matters however, don’t get me wrong, but unlike with Disney it loses out to your ability to interact with and draw the best out of your audience.

I think more people should be in the business of performing children’s events, it pays really well and it’s a lot of fun. It just takes a person thats going to take it seriously and understand the differences between a show that is scripted and works in a way that is entirely planned, and a show that is as flexible as a child’s attention span.

The biggest thing I’ve lost is the gap, the difference between myself and the crowd while performing something for Disney was large, and even close up situations were controlled to an extent. Shows now-a-days can be a metre away, I draw closer to ask questions, pull back for dramatic effect and lay enough subtle humour throughout the show to keep the vaguely interested paying adults entertained.

What I’m doing is not traditional theatre, it’s actually been quite a while since the good ol’ fashioned stage in it’s traditional form for me, my work is something that morphs and becomes unique every time it’s done. People like myself perform shows that exist to benefit the event they were booked to support. I guess the main difference is, in theatre the crowd comes and conforms to your rules and is given the show they are given, so it’s therefore appropriate then that if the show is made to comply with their rules, they ought to pay more!

I love theatre honestly, it’s the heart of my passion and possibly the only – literally only – performance medium I’m still beyond happy to do for free (not including those special circumstances that turn up every now and then). Community theatre that doesn’t pay has such a feeling of community around it, people are wonderful to work with, and it’s a lot easier to breathe without the fog of intense ego choking up the oxygen. I think I’m writing to those out there that could be expanding into paying performance mediums to tell you, theres a way to do what you love and put bread on the table by just opening up the box a little bit.

The life of an entertainer is vastly different to that of an actor, and it benefits to be flexible with entertainment mediums at different times in your life as they become beneficial to growth. Entertainment is reliable work, however theatre is very fulfilling. And screen is (to me) is insanely boring, but in the long run comes with higher potential for recognition and profit.

Whats your game plan for this industry? I’d love to know 🙂 Drop me a message or a question, were all in this together.

Until next time

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