I can’t figure out an ending!

I’m writing a short story and I don’t know how it ends!

A lot of the time I write with the end in mind, like most people who write short stories I try to make it clever, it needs to serve a purpose and it can’t be easy to see coming.

Sometimes the ending isn’t the climax, but it is what the reader is left with once all is said and done, so why don’t I know how this one ends? Does this mean the whole story is worthless? Should I have written it at all?

My fiction kind of resembles my non-fiction in a way that it is an exaduration of the genre. For example my non-fictional book is a memoir which is normally defined by books that are modestly written about lives lived well and lessons that apply to everyone. My memoir is a grandiose story about a ridiculous job that applies to virtually no-one! It’ll sell a million copies! Haha.

Likewise, the genre of fantasy short stories are stories that span the space of an hour, or a day, a conversation happens and maybe someone gets shot with a laser. But in the end the science is plausible and it’s relatable to real life.

I’m writing a story that takes place over a year, no-one speaks even once, and two planets orbit a star until they are pulled together through a flux in gravity and crash-combine into one planet. …. Science!

Maybe I should become a little more grounded? Or maybe I should see the world with slightly less overblown lenses. Perhaps the child that fought me with the balloon swords I made her on the weekend that I’m convinced was trained in martial arts, was just an excitable 6 year old with balloon swords.

I don’t know if realism comes with growing up, but as it doesn’t seem to be on the horizon I’ll just keep writing while I can. And try like heck to think of an ending.

.. So how do I end this? Oh hell.

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