So you’ve had a bad day

What do you do when you’ve had a bad day?

I talk about dealing with a bad day pretty comprehensively in my book, but I seem to be as terrible now at dealing with a bad day as I was before learning all those lessons by being rejected for gigs at Disney.

It’s been a rough day.

For me it’s eating and moping, thats my go-to strategy for dealing with the blues, particularly loss. But eating has it’s obvious consequences and how can I continue to bundle loss with more loss?

Don’t worry no-ones died, I’ve just had some stuff stolen, but I’m not a millionaire so it hasn’t gone unnoticed. But it’s testing my ability to prioritise where I source my happiness and in what I place value. I’ve been obsessing (as most do) over the ranking of my book on Amazon lately and stressing about the halt in momentum I’ve suffered this week. But suffering a loss has shifted my vision, and tonight I’m caring a lot less about focusing on the shortcomings on the current book, and working on creating something likeable about the next.

I want to create a character you can’t get enough of, an addictive and likeable character that keeps you coming back for more.

Here are my favorite likeable characters that keep making me come back for more across different forms of fiction and media.

Peekay – The Power of One. Read it a thousand times.

Sophie – Howls Moving Castle. Both the movie and the book, I love her more and more.

Walle – Walle. He is my biggest inspiration as far as creating a likable character, I would count my life as a credit to humanity if I could create someone with half of Walle’s likeability.

Stewie – I’ve never been so happy to love someone so messed up.
Maybe it takes something bad to reshuffle our priorities, and maybe good things will come out of the bad. But for now I’ll leave you alone and we shall talk again when I’ve something more joyful to share.

Now where’d I put that Icecream…

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