Good news or bad news?

So the reviews for my book have been coming in pretty mixed, like weirdly so. Theres no reviews for 3 and 4 stars at all, they’re just amazing or terrible.

But the terrible ones are attacking two main things, the formatting errors that were my fault and I’ve learned better ways to upload and convert files etc, and my imminent doom when Disney is going to release the dogs onto me.

I just read one review for my book that doesn’t say much more than “Disney’s legal team is gonna call” which seems to be the trend of some of the less positive reviews.

This blows me away for one real reason, how big and important do you think I am? I’m just a little person self publishing a little book that a couple of people are reading. I mean I worked for the company for a year and no-one at Corporate Disney will even know I exist. Am I suddenly so famous?

The information I give in the book reveals nothing secret, you get better secrets from those “behind the scenes” videos Disney Parks puts on its youtube channel.

I’m beginning to think these negative reviews are almost bringing in the sales, people want nothing more than to know whats going on behind the scenes at Disney and while I’m denying that I reveal anything truly secret, these reviews are telling the masses that I’m holding onto some ground breaking secrets! In-fact they are so secret that Disney is going to spend resources on me and release the hitmen just to shut me up, hell I should be so lucky.

If the book’s that good then I’ve got a best seller on my hands, better grab it before Mickey beats the crap out of me.

All I really wanted to do was offer encouragement to people who are in the position I was once in, but I’m not writing this post to defend myself.

But how do you feel? You get to read the blog of the most dangerous man alive! It seems a multi billion dollar company has entrusted me with secrets I’m now spilling.

Oh well, I’ll just keep tearing down companies you know how I roll. Money ‘aint a thing.

Speaking of money and companies I have fallen in love with Shark Tank, if I’m not working I’m getting my fill of Shark Tank it’s the best show ever. Love it.

The sharks are investors who invest in the businesses of people that come in front of them and ask for an investment in return for a percentage of their company. One lady sold a percentage to one “shark” who turned her towel poncho company into a supplier of towel ponchos for Disney water parks. Seeing the video of her in Disney’s parks with her towel poncho things with Mickeys face and autograph on them, inspirational.

I love Shark Tank, I love business, and apparently bringing them down


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