Gig Discrimination

How does one discriminate between shows and gigs of all kind and decide what is something they’d do, and what’s above or beneith them?
I find that performers have a glorious lack of self awareness that allows them to be wonderful at striding into auditions, performing boldly, and writing down times that are good for them.

So with this glorious ignorance and feeling of self importance that come with being a salesman for your truly only product (yourself); how do you truly evaluate yourself accurately and decide what you are worth.

I think this is the reason we fall apart so badly at each rejection email, we never stopped to realise that maybe were not all that amazing! BUT the reverse is true too!

If we truly understood our worth, and landed an easy gig, would we celebrate as hard core as we do?

Maybe were better than we think? Or worse? I’m not sure I’ve ever met a truly creative person with a 100% accurate understanding of their own self worth, but I guess that keeps things interesting?

Sorry for the short post, but this is all my stupid phone can manage. Sitting in my car waiting in half a costume before a gig. Am I worth this gig? Beats me!!

Talk soon 😉

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