Crash Landed

So today I flew .. again. Booooo flying sucks.
I was in the airport two weeks ago and I’ll be in the airport in two weeks time.
By May I’ll have spent time in three continents across both hemispheres and hundreds of hours in bed with jet lag and flu symptoms. Life … sucks?

Ok it keeps things interesting, but today I don’t feel well (because of a milkshake) and it’s making me annoyed. But the result of flying means that I’m now in Melbourne! Horrah! Gonna stay with my brother and hang out with my friends, and continue to sleep lots and do as little as possible.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me because I’ve schedualed my first giveaway on Goodreads! I can’t wait for it to begin, I’ve always wanted to initiate a competition of some kind so this is kind of a dream come true for me.

Besides copies of my book, I’m gonna be giving away postcards that I’m going to have Disney Princesses sign for me when I go back to work.
So hopefully thats something people will want, its hard to differentiate between what others will want and what I would want if I were entering.

Can’t wait for it to start!

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