Done Yet?

So I’m 2 weeks into my vacation and I’m thinking … is it over yet?

I mean I’m only accustomed to working like a crazy person, between 40 hours a week at Disney World and 75 hours a week aboard the Disney Wonder, I don’t think I can take any more relaxation!

I’m still waking up at the same times, and going to bed late, and filling up whole days with … coffee, and books and Downton Abbey.

I’m not complaining honestly, the first 2 weeks were great, but I am daunted by the remaining 5 weeks.

It’s crazy, but does anybody else find that when they are working full time weeks, they are much more productive in their super limited free time? I feel like on the ship I have about 5 hours spare a week and I’m insanely productive with them (mostly).

But here at home I have 1000 hours a week free, and I haven’t written a word! I need to get my fiction on, I should also probably write something about my cruising adventures. … Next contract maybe.

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