Here’s to the Watchmakers!

Why is every celebrity these days somehow an inventor of perfume? How are they?
Did they pause their singing careers and take smell-chemistry class?

I dunno why but lately I’ve been thinking about the role of celebrities in our culture and how much they influence our spending and general decision making.
They certainly seem to affect our spending in the book store! Every second book seems to be written by an actor, or someone else who shouldn’t have the time.
If you released three movies this year, you didn’t also write this book. Who wrote it! Who!?!

We read their books, wear their perfume, buy their enforced grocery items. Perhaps after all that, we eventually enjoy the product that they actually had a part in, like their music or their movies.

Many celebrities seem to do very little to attain their status, sometimes mere minutes of screen time is all it can take. I know first hand that entertainers aren’t all that. Here’s to watchmakers! And the people that do the stuff that is super-skilled and awesome!

For the rest of my vacation I’m going to make more educated and informed choices when I spend, and look into who was actually involved in the making of the product and how much I then respect it. And sure, I’ll end up doing it for one or two things I buy max. But it’ll be awesome.

So tomorrow I’m going to the city! What’re you up to?

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