Ever so slowly…

I wanna see a scientific explanation about how things can move so slowly, and yet slip by in an instant and no-one questions it.

For example my contract aboard the Disney Wonder seemed like it took forever, I felt as if I truly lived on that ship and that my life on land was merely a dream as it had happened so long ago. However the second it was over, it felt as if the contract had been merely weeks rather than months, and I felt ripped off.

Each day trying to learn Mandarin (Slowlyyyyyyy) walking to the shops, watching Downton Abbey and generally doing nothing seems to stretch into long days. My days seem so long that it feels as if I’ve been on vacation merely a week, and that this week has had seven very drawn out days. This is truly not the case and my vacation has been closer to three weeks.

I’m now genuinely concerned I’m gonna be one of those old guys that looks back and says “I feel 17! But I’m 65 and life is terrible.” Dating wise it’s gonna be awful, I feel like I’m just now growing into my taste in women, and when I’m old my taste may not grow with me and therefore become highly inappropriate.

Right now it’s great that I’m just a big kid, it helps me tremendously with my job. I hate booze, I love candy and I’d rather a trip to the zoo than a night clubbing. And for the moment my ability to relate strongly with kids is a giant asset, but nothing is so unappealing as the same guy in 50 years that still acts the same way.

Maybe I’ll become one of those classy old men that has wine and cheese for dinner, who waltzes with his wife around the kitchen and owns an orchard.

Or perhaps more likely my partying years are merely waiting until I’m old to rob me of my classy years, dang that seems once again far more likely.

Well heres to living in the moment, and praying our old selves retain a little of our present dignity.

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