This One Time, at Band Camp

Ok so

I was suppose to start blogging ages ago, while I was still on the ship and my life was still interesting. However I didn’t, and though I will be returning to the ship there will be more than a few bloggable days until then.

So I thought I’d share a few stories over the next few days and reminisce over some of the better experiences I’ve had in some of my favourite countries I discovered during my contract.

Mid January it was time to fix the ship, so we dumped the guests and headed the ship to Freeport in the Bahamas for a ten day dry dock. Over the course of the dry dock more than 600 vendors came on-board and while they were there it was difficult to find anywhere they weren’t to relax.

So as many nights as we could we hit the town and went absolutely wild, some lost their senses entirely. These clubs were the absolute best way to party, outdoors with enough wind and humidity to ensure the crowd sweated themselves into a unified mass, and cool enough that you could breathe through the stifling thickness of people.

Unfortunately I’m not much of a party animal so like many things made available to someone my age in a foreign country, it was wasted on me. I turned up to the crowded dance floor for one main reason, if you could wade into the middle of the throng and hold your phone high enough into the air, beautiful wifi could be found.

In countries such as this wifi is like water in the desert, and after being starved of it for long enough, finding an ounce can start a gold rush. To anyone else there seeing a bunch of people treading water through the dance floor looking for wifi on brightly lit phones would look very strange, but to us its a necessary forage for sustenance.

Besides the wifi, the club offered a beach with a roaring bon fire, and across the road offered a restaurant that served the best damn fish this worlds ever seen. Freshly caught, roasted over an open fire until blackened and thrown onto a paper plate. It was then served onto your plastic table for your enjoyment with your disposable cutlery. But for what the restaurant gave up in flash, it more than made up for in real food. Why is it that the further you head towards more developed civilisation such as my country, you give up some of the foods quality. Then when you move up the awesomeness scale to America, the quality is lost entirely.

One day I think I’m gonna review food properly, I do love food so much.

Tomorrow I’m gonna think of another story, until I think of something else to focus on. 🙂
If you think of anything you want me to talk about, please ask 🙂

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