Ninja Turtles & Original Fiction

Holy cow I just finished watching the Ninja Turtles theatrical trailer and let me tell you, even worse than I expected.

Who even is the director? Because all it told me is that it is produced by the Transformers guy, and stars sex object Megan Fox as April. As someone who enjoyed the episodes a long time ago, I’m gonna go ahead and skip this version and save the headache of fuming about it later.

Sooooo today was a rough day for me, it was just one of those days where everything works out for the worst. I have been waiting to book a Disney cruise for me and my friend to take right before I restart working on the Disney Wonder once again, but it’s full. You can’t book a discounted cast member cruise until very soon before you want to depart, so the chances of it being full are quite high, but I still thought it wouldn’t be. So now I’m sulking.

Also the shares I wanted to sell to pay of the credit card I used to buy my vacation to China with have fallen into negative value. This means if I were to sell them after keeping them dedicatedly for almost a year, I would make a loss. I use to believe so strongly in shares (when they worked for me), and now I’m bored of them being stupid and I want them gone.

Right now its the Melbourne International Comedy Festival here in good ol’ Melbourne so I’m gonna go tomorrow and splurge on a pick-me-up. Because as you know nothing relieves the worry of paying off a credit card like putting some more charges right on top.

I’ve decided to become more productive with my vacation! I’m sure if your reading my blog avidly, you can’t wait for my vacation to be over and the interesting stuff to start. Well I’m not done with it yet, but I do wanna achieve something.
Anyway so in this light I have begun a short story, and here I’m going to write an excerpt of the story. I’d like to know if you like it and more importantly, do you care to know what happens next? Let me know 😉

Excerpt from un-named story. —

“John was falling through a chasm in a dream. Suspended in the air, John had no evidence that he was falling, it was entirely dark and nothing physical indicated anything other than he was surrounded by darkness and it was rather cold. However he knew he was falling in the same way that one knows that he is being watched or that he has left the stove on.
But finally physically evidence presented itself when, almost painlessly, John hit a road.

For a couple seconds John couldn’t move, he simply lay on the ground feeling the pain tear through his body like poison. The first thing he noticed was that the ground he had landed on felt very similar to cement, the second thing he noticed was that his ear was beginning to experience a strange mixture of pain and sogginess as it filled up with water. Johns instant reaction to the later revelation was to turn his body to the right so that he faced the sky, and it was about then that he ascertained his third and final revelation, it was raining, hard.

John was indeed right about every revelation he experienced mere seconds after arriving, he was lying on a strip of cement next to a road, and it was bucketing down with rain. As soon as he was able John slowly found his feet and looked around to survey his surroundings. His surroundings were bleak, beyond the strip of cement and the road it sat beside, the only other object that he could see beside the black of night was a building, on the other side of the road. It was a strangely shaped building, it looked like a tall rectangle standing up against a smaller rectangle, but from where he was standing simply looked like a black, odd building. But the strange dimensions of the black building suddenly paled in significance when he realized the shape jutting out from the top of the taller rectangle.

The shape was that of a man, a very tall man. As it was so dark John could only see a black shape, however what struck fear right into the pit of Johns stomach was not the shape of the man, but the shape of the wings protruding from the sides of the mans body. The wings were huge, and he imagined in a different setting with more light, less rain and maybe tea and biscuits this winged man may not seem such a threat, but under the conditions he was in fact in, Johns heart almost stopped in fear and he forgot entirely that he was only dreaming.

There were a lot of things that could have made this situation worse, John could have begun to get a runny nose from all the rain and begin sneezing, he could have slipped in a puddle and given his elbow a nasty graze, he may even have walked into a tree from all the unpleasant darkness and given himself a black eye. But out of all the awful things that could have happened none of them did, something so awful did happen that it would have made a sniffly nose, sore elbow and pussy eye seem like a lovely swim in a pool filled filled with coleslaw that had escaped from its bowl. The winged man jumped from the building and began to fly in Johns direction.”

Thankyou for your generous attention, and I hope to see ya real soon.

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