The Best and the Worst

Today I made the most amazing discovery!

While walking through Melbourne with my friend I stumbled upon this amazing place! It was like a super cool restaurant/cafe with a massive floor space and a great view!

Ok so you enter through this small lobby space on the bottom level, which contains the nicest German greeter lady ever, she hands you a card which you will use to bill your food to. You then walk up the stairs and enter a space with several places to order food, and bill these orders your card (which you settle at the end).

You get your drinks and deserts in one place (I got cheesecake served in a jar omg!) And my buddy got a salad and a coffee. Then we found a space to sit in which reminded me very strongly of the Admirals Club at LAX, super classy.

Oh and for your own reference this place is called Vapiano and if you find yourself in Melbourne you must visit, but google it first, I don’t remember where it is (but my buddy does).

So that was an amazing find, we were there for ages. It didn’t have that usual cafe vibe that makes you want to leave after staying for a while, you know when the waitress comes and takes everything and wipes the table then watches you. You feel like your not bothering anyone and you could stay all day, we told one of the girls that and she said people come for lunch and leave at 7pm! It is a super unique spot and I highly recommend it, its the best way ever to hang out with friends over food. Ever.

And then the worst happened.

We stumbled upon the worlds worst busker. This guy was doing ‘filler’ trying to get a crowd together, however once the crowd was gathered he started getting really mad! He started yelling at people for standing back, for standing to the sides and for going and sitting down. He called us sheep for following the example of people who went and sat down, and pointed me out for crossing my arms. Does this guy want no money ever?? If your in South Bank in Melbourne soon, and you find the grouchy busker performing nothing who looks just like Star Burns from Community, watch him while crossing your arms and feel the fire.

I dunno, if I were working a tip reliant job, particularly in a country where tipping is as rare as genuine pokemon sightings, I’d wanna be as nice as possible and make some $$$. But thats me.

I could really see myself busking someday, I tried it once before. A long time ago I tried being a mime at the local markets, but I didn’t have the patience for those long days. But I could see learning stilt walking, and being like that stilt walker at Animal Kingdom!!

If you’ve been to Animal Kingdom (and I’m referring to the Disney Park, not to be confused with the place where animals live) you might have seen her. A super tall female stilt walker that resembles a tree, covered in vines and leaves and looking magnificent. She walks around all day, acts like a tree spirit, and poses in peoples photos, that would be awesome. Also living statues are awesome, I could never ever do it, but I really respect them.

Living statues are more than just still, they change positions in a way thats graceful, and in their own way can work a crowd. One of my most terrifying memories is posing in-front of one for a photo and she closed her fingers around the back of my shirt and held me. If you’ve ever seen Doctor Who, you’ll understand my fear, but it was amazing.

Some people just amaze me, and to all performers out there rocking it, I salute you! Don’t be grouchy, be excellent! Enjoy the rest of your weekends folks 🙂

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