Disney Kool-Aid

So today, despite the amount that I protest caring about Disney any more than the regular person, I poured through the videos I’ve collected of various shows throughout Disney Parks and Cruise Line. I didn’t mean to but I found the folder and I was in the mood and I went crazy. It doesn’t happen all the time, and it’s embarrassing, but it can last a while. I make sure all of my friends understand, I don’t care about Disney an unusual amount, because those people are weird, and I’ve met those people.

But as I poured through these videos trying to be calm about it, I was getting seriously way to happy. Why am I attached like this? I’ve always tried to be calm and keep it together, they’re just my employers! But as time goes on I continue to drink the kook-aid as it were.

On a related note my computer has been returned to me! My beautiful macbook that lay cooped up in the mac store being fixed was returned to me today, at rather a large price, but she’s home nevertheless. And along with her has come home not just all of my video collection, but pieces of writing, photos and everything else thats important.

How much of our lives are kept alive on these super fragile machines? Irreplaceable parts of our lives held lock and key in the most fragile vault in the world. I for one am very grateful for innovation in the area of data clouds so that we are able to avoid losing this stuff forever when the computer dies, because if it simply dies without a backup, part of us dies with it.

So consequently a part of me has been restored! Besides videos of shows I have other things I downloaded because I wanted to watch them without internet, and I’m amused to see the various things that I’ve collected. A few episodes of Shark Tank, IT Crowd, Community Channel, Family Guy, The Office, Adventure Time and some music videos and such. How many of those do you recognise? How similar are we? These are things I might curl up and die without, and when living on the ship it’s important to collect episodes as you can with wifi when you get off in port.

In addition to playing Disney videos today, I also played plenty of Disney Infinity with my friends. How great is Disney Infinity?? Seriously I don’t care who you are, your going to love it, get down to Best Buy right now and get it. You construct toy box worlds, play as your favourite characters and mix and match as you like. Zoom through your own Magic Kingdom as Captain Barbosa with Buzz Lightyears gun on Mr Incredibles hover board. Plus the games music is really great, I don’t know why I love it so much, but its amazing and crazy catchy.

It’s crazy but I have such a good time playing this game, and its such a bonding game for friends, that I miss it when I’m at the real Disney! I’ll be watching Cinderella with some guests on the ship in a foreign country and wish I were home because the melody reminds me of Disney Infinity with my friends. It’s strange to me anything Disney reminding me of home, I’m just now realising that I am very seriously “taking my work home with me.”

In other things my brother has begun policing my Chinese training so that I actually complete lessons, a sadly necessary role for someone to play. I also went back to my new favourite cafe/restaurant and had an amazing meal that the chef made in front of me! As I was watching! Too cool.

But from tomorrow I’m going to start taking more than one Chinese lesson a day (after I grow some self motivation), and maybe see a friend who’ll have way to many questions about auditioning to ask me.

But for the rest of the vacation I’m going to try and put the kook-aid bottle down before I return to work, sure I’ll blog about it, but besides that I’m going to be a regular magic-less guy. (As soon as the planets align I’m sure).

I’ve added an about me page! So now if your curious about which ports of call I’m going to visit when my next contract begins, you will be able to find out there 🙂 And as always, thanks for stickin’ around 🙂


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