The Others are coming…

I was looking back through my photos today and marvelling at all of the moments I’d forgotten, isn’t it crazy how even the best stuff gets filed away and lost? Then you can just find a photo and it all gets unlocked again for reflection.

One of my favourite things about traveling for Disney is visiting their private island. Disney owns an island in the Caribbean called ‘Castaway Cay’ for the privilege of exclusivity for their guests. It’s a stunning island thats been dredged so that the ship can park right up against it (none of this ferrying guests across in little boats nonsense). Besides that it’s got beaches, shops, places to eat and even little huts for hire. Other things I love is the in-freaking-sane weather that is ‘end of days’ Noah’s ark storm lightning death weather one minute, and searing hot the next. But I think the biggest thing I got out of that place was chatting to the folks that live there.

Theres a tribe of roughly 80 – 90 people that live on the island to maintain it and work on it when the guests are there to enjoy it, and it’s fascinating hearing about their lives. There’s very few women so relationships are a struggle for the men, very little to do, and very poor internet. But this little beachy paradise island reminds me so much of ABC’s ‘Lost’, I can’t help thinking it must be so much like Lost living there!

They have a little community of houses right behind the guests view, I’ve never seen it, but in my mind it looks just like the ‘others’ camp. I’m imagining it being run by Ben, and they send people to infiltrate the guests and learn what they can and bring intelligence back at night. From what I hear though their living quarters are really little, not like on the show.

But if they wanna live like the show they can! Wake up each day on an island, go catch some fish, explore for a bit and look for Jacob it sounds like crazy fun. Although you’ve gotta feel crazy cut off, the same small group of people and nothing to do it must get lame. I’m someone that loves the city and I barely survived living in a beach town let alone a tiny island.

So as good as Lost was, that’s one job I’ll never do, not even for Disney. Could you manage it? Let me know 🙂

P.S If your a fan of Lost, and you visit Disney’s island, try and find the cursed numbers, I hid them somewhere 😉

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