A Buck for a Book about Disney

Hey guys

I’ve decided that I’m going to begin testing price points for my book, see which price is best and so on. So on that note I’ve put the book on the lowest price possible, and am gauging the reaction from people that want to read it. So if ever you’ve gone onto the page ‘All the World’s a Disney Stage’ and thought about buying the book, now would be the time to do it as it is (for the moment) only 99c

It’s a short book, a little piece of writing I did about my time spent performing at Disney World, if that’s a topic that interests you then please check it out. I’ll put the description below 🙂

This book is about my life performing on the greatest stage on Earth, which is also the happiest place on Earth. Yep, we’re talking about Walt Disney World.
Do you go to Disney World just for the parades?

Do you drool watching the performers imagining that it’s you?

Do you arrive half an hour early for every show?

Do you death-glare the noise kid next to you, no matter how young or cute?

This book may be meant for you.

This book is what I wished the other “I Worked at Disney” books talked more about when I was reading them.
This one’s also not going to complain about Disney, unlike almost all of the others, because, in my opinion, Disney is awesome. And the opposite is also true; there are no unicorns and rainbows.
We do not play all day and not every day is filled with smiles. We work hard and long hours and I am stiff and sore right now reclining while writing this paragraph after a long day working.
However, the work is awesome and I love it, and anything you love to do that is constructive and gives your life value is worth the price you pay to keep it.

If your curious about performing for Disney, or are just interested in a look into the life of someone who has, this book may be for you!


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