Taking it to the Next Level

So I’m thinking about possibly going back to school… Yikes

The last time I studied it was a boring degree in social sciences in 2011 and I left to accept my first offer from Disney, but since then I’ve been wondering if I wouldn’t be better off getting an acting degree and hitting the theatre with some better roles. Disney is really good for now and I’m having a blast, but I can’t do it forever, at some point I have to settle down and stop (as terrifying as that thought is at this point).

I genuinely don’t know how people work traveling jobs for years and years into their 30’s and 40’s, I know by that point I’m gonna want a home, family and friends that aren’t spread out ridiculously far across the planet.It must be on the minds of just about everyone in my position, we have a particular set of skills that allow us to do our job, so what happens when we need to stop our job to have a life? What do we do then? Also how do we live with our lives once they’re the same thing everyday; the same country and timezone day in and day out?

I need a job that can provide an equal amount of excitement, and even more fulfilment as I grow older and that becomes a more important factor. I’m not sure with the skills I have now that I can get one, so I think I’m going to need to graduate to high society serious dramatic theatre for people who don’t love princesses, and for that, I need a serious big person degree.

I’ve been tossing up where to send my applications and I’m just now deciding to rule out doing the study internationally. It would definitely be awesome, and I’d kill to live in one place in the states again with my own grocer and a hairdresser that loves my accent.

But I’ve been looking at the fee’s and I could blow up to 20 grand doing it at a cheap school and get a no better experience than paying nothing to study in Australia and get financial Government help. I think when it comes to setting myself up for my future, I think I’d be shooting myself in the foot to do so by losing everything I’ve built up over the last 3 years in family entertainment.

Do you think it’s worth it? Or should I study at one of Australia’s performing arts academies, we do have some great ones. Let me know. Also subscribe! You know you want to 😉 Catch ya on the flippedy flip

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