Munchy Mondays! Restaurant Review… Pacino’s

It’s Monday!

Monday sucks.

As a remedy for terrible Mondays I’ve decided that each Monday from now on I’m going to eat something amazing! I’m gonna eat out each Monday night at a restaurant and review it! I’m gonna do it as a part of my commitment to bringing you an experience every day from somewhere in the world.

So each week I’m gonna have dinner somewhere in the world and review it, I’ll never order the same thing twice, and at the end I’ll give it a rating our of 5 stars. Pretty standard stuff.


– Week 1 – Pacino’s Restaurant – Melbourne – Australia

I came to this restaurant with high hopes, I had frequented this restaurant quite a few times back when I lived locally so I’d hoped the experience would be better than it was.

The night began well, the seating hostess showing me where I could sit and was pleasant enough, but then it all went downhill. Seconds after sitting down a waitress brought me garlic bread by mistake, I had to explain that I hadn’t ordered it and another waiter turned up and pointed her to another table. I just chocked it up to an isolated incident and let it go, and ordered a bolognese parmigiana and vanilla thick shake with the waiter.

After waiting ten minutes or so they tried to bring me a lemon lime and bitters, I explained to the waiter (the same one who had taken my order) that I had ordered a thick shake. I reminded him that he had helped me pick the flavour, but he did didn’t remember and begrudgingly left to get the shake.

Another ten minutes and I had the shake. Though thick enough, the shake tasted sickly sweet and like cheap vanilla flavouring and low fat milk. 35 minutes after ordering, my parmigiana arrived. This was the best part of the dining experience, it tasted fantastic. It was cooked well, the bolognese was flavourful and there was plenty of cheese, plus the portion size was generous. It was served alone without a garnish or side so it looked very average, but it tasted good.

I couldn’t finish the terrible shake, but while I sat there and tried I made some observations. The guys behind me waited as long as I did for my food, except they were only waiting for a cappuccino. My biggest observation was that there was one American waitress amongst the sea of flustered under-experienced non-Americans, and she was kick-ass. She was nice, she thanked us (can you believe that stood out) and she was good to her tables and fast with them.

Why are American waitresses so much better? Does the tipping system over in the States really make all the difference? I think if Australia ever decides to make changes, this should be one of them. I would be on board for that.

So in conclusion, delicious food (minus the shake) and terrible service. I almost want to just split the difference, but then I remember that the ‘ambiance’ was literally a radio station played over the speakers that played mostly advertisements. For our first restaurant in our new Monday night tradition…

2 out of 5 stars.

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