Entertaining bored kids in Hong Kong

Well I’ve made it to Hong Kong and as usual I didn’t sleep a wink.

I don’t know how to express what I feel right now except to say I feel arghahrhfhghehthehghhghhgggtrrrrr (I sounded this out as I typed, for real).
I thought I was getting better! My last couple flights between Australia and the US I’ve managed up to 5 hours sleep per flight! Which is really good for me! But I’ve lost it again it seems, and I feel terrible for it.

Oh well I’m just glad to be here finally, now it’ll just be a short flight to Shanghai and I can stop flying for a little while.

As I write this I’m sitting with my brightly coloured Disney suitcase opposite a Hong Kong child who couldn’t be more fascinated by it. He keeps dancing around and singing in Cantonese and as his eyes catch my case again he stops and just stares at it for a couple minutes, then returns to his dance. It’s bringing me endless joy.

Anyway, a couple minutes ago I went to the bathroom to take care of some business (charming, I know) and was interrupted by a guy knocking on my stall door to enquire “Hey! Can you see my bag in there? Can you pass it out?”
There was nothing in the stall.
I had the very unfortunate responsibility to let him know that I couldn’t see anything, the bag was gone.
He had gone to the bathroom sometime before me and left his bag behind, and now it had gone. By the time I was ready to come out he had gone too.

I was left feeling terrible for the guy! Who knows what he lost?? What would I do if I lost my satchel bag? It’s got my passport, wallet, phones, even my documentation for re-entry to the US for my job. (Yeah I carry around my most essential irreplaceable stuff wherever I go, like a real genius). I have no idea what I would do.

The guy was Australian by his accent, so I doubt he spoke a word of Cantonese. He can’t travel without his passport, he has no money, he can’t even leave the airport. I have never looked into what one does in this situation, and I hope like hell I’ll never have to find out.

On a lighter note the kid is staring at my bag again, his eyes are open super wide, it’s the cutest thing ever.

Have any of you guys reading ever been to the Hong Kong International Airport? I highly recommend it. Free internet that’s not cutting out, its quiet, easy to find things, beautiful and got a great view. This is definitely one of the better airports I’ve been to, it’s also a nice change hearing languages besides English and Spanish over the speakers.

Maybe I’m weird but I love hearing foreign languages, maybe thats why I enjoy Korean pop so much. I’ve been eavesdropping on peoples conversations in Mandarin (strictly for learning purposes) and am finding myself understanding a lot more than I had expected, very pleasantly surprised there. I even ordered my coffee at Starbucks in Mandarin! (Yaaaaaaaaay!!) And though the girl understood me, she looked mildly amused at my unnecessary and apparently clumsy attempt at being local.

I’ll leave you to enjoy your day now and keep watching this kid dance and enjoy my case, and once I’m in Shanghai I’ll update you once again.
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Have a good one! Zàijiàn!

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