Table Talk Thursday – English is the New Spanish!

I am loving being that guy.

So I work in America, and as Americans know English is not the only language. I’m from Australia where (if your from almost all parts) English is definitely the only language. So to go work somewhere where there is enough of another language that even announcements are translated into a language besides English, let’s just say I was very surprised.

As you may have guessed, the second language for the United States is Spanish because unlike Australia there are other countries connected to it.
Im sure not that all of America has a lot of Spanish influence, but my American exposure is 90% of the south near the border so thats the experience I’m coming from.
Anyway the shock has long since worn off, but I still find myself jealous that some of the people I work with have this language that I can’t attain, this code, a way of speaking that allows them to say anything they want with little consequence. Everything I blurt out lands me in hot water, but if I had a language only a few of my friends could understand than everything would be great. So the point of all this?

My dream have come true! I’m in a place where English is that language! Some people here kind-of speak English, like the girl at Starbucks or the receptionist in the hotel, but for the most part they don’t. So I’m free as a bird!
I’m with my friend here and we’re chatting up a storm! Saying anything I please, commenting honestly on things in shops and making any natured joke I like, this is my absolute dream come true.

Do you ever find that when you leave for a trip, you take with you a song that was stuck in your head? I find that this happens to me all the time.
Well this trip its “Dongs: All over the World” from last weeks Saturday Night Live hosted by Anna Kendrick. It comes into my head all the time, wherever I am and annoys the crap out of me.
However here in China, unlike when I’m in America, I have the freedom to sing what I like!
So literally on the plane (where its most appropriate) on the street, in shops, I burst out in song.

Now I know your thinking “it doesn’t matter what language! You can’t just sing in the street!” We’re in Asia now baby, I could never sing over those pumping advertisements on the sides of buildings you know that! I just blend in.

Another awesome thing is that even though my speaking mandarin sucks, I’ve taken enough lessons to understand it a lot better than I can speak it, so when I fumbled around pointing out what I wanted at the bubble tea shop yesterday, I overheard the girl saying to the guy how funny it always was serving someone who spoke no mandarin. So I asked them (in mandarin) if either of them spoke any English or taken any lessons. The looks on their faces was absolutely golden. I’m sure they had said something bad about us (from the looks of their faces) but I don’t know any naughty mandarin yet. But either way their faces were hilarious.

Honestly the sights and tastes are always what make a holiday, but experiences like that are what make a holiday truly great. 🙂

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