Replacing Facebook – China Style

I made another friend today! He’s great, and guess what; I won’t be adding him on Facebook.

I’ll continue…

So today I went to the Shanghai Museum, which was amazing. This place was built with some of the same principles we learned during the tea ceremony yesterday (such as a rounded roof and square base), it was a very grand place filled with very very old things.
I’m not just talking couple hundred years though, I’m talking crazy old, some of the articles in there dated back as early at 7000 BC.
So with a rainy forecast in mind we thought it would be a good time to spend the day inside of a giant awesome building. Unfortunately so did what seemed to be every school child this side of the Great Wall, so the line to get in was monstrous.
However we got in eventually and shared the place with bored teenagers who were forced to be there.

Being from such a young country has made me appreciate countries with so much history as this one, with articles in this museum so many thousands of years old I’m thinking of our museums holding things as old as 70’s.
“And this kids, is a lunchbox from the 1950’s” “ooooooooh” we’d sigh and tried to imagine living in a time where everything was black and white.

My new friend found me when I was browsing the calligraphy, we got chatting and he showed me around and explained everything. It was an even balance between great and tedious because we’d begun talking after I had already seen everything a few times and gotten well and truly finished of seeing everything, and now with him I was gonna see everything again. However it was also great because his insight was invaluable as not only was he Chinese, but he had been studying calligraphy for 6 months.

Just like with the tea ceremony it was deeply spiritual and meaningful and I really appreciated it, such as seeing which scrolls had different kinds of characters for different reasons.
Some scrolls were written functionally to send messages to people, some simply for the beauty of the characters, and others simply because writing the characters cleansed the artists soul or strengthened their heart.

Anyway after seeing all the calligraphy and discussing it he gave me his QQ number and we parted ways. At this point I’m gonna assume your thinkin’ whaaaaaat? His what number?
So as you probably know, Facebook isn’t permitted in communist China so as it is so difficult (and costly) to access, it isn’t very popular. Plus at the end of the day Facebook is frankly crap, I’m not a big fan of it but I have it out of necessity.

So instead people in China use QQ, I’m just discovering this website now and it’s pretty great.
You download the app and use it off browser, and its website (where you source the app) is frankly incredible.
The app isn’t as special as the website though, but it’s not bad and it gets the job done. Plus it’s getting me connected to my new Chinese friends!

I’m genuinely surprised by how friendly and fantastic people here are, they’re wonderful and very curious about my life while being very open to sharing theirs.
I agree when people say they find Chinese people cold and blunt in businesses, such as shops and waiters in restaurants. I have found that as a whole, employees of businesses here are not as cheerful and bubbly they are in my experience of Japan for example. However people I have met in everyday exploring have been wonderful, and many of them are very proud of where they live and are bold in getting to know you.

Im seriously loving the people here, I feel like Julia Child from ‘Julie and Julia’, I’m really ignorant to whether the people here are genuinely wonderful or not, I am finding that with me they are nothing but kind and genuine. Also no-one has scoffed at my loud talking or booming laugh, they’re awesome haha.

Alright so I’m off to watch Shark Tank!! I love this show. Please subscribe for lots of great adventures and I’ll see you tomorrow 🙂 Stay awesome.


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