Running Down a Dream

I just finished one of my new favourite movies ever ‘In Bruges’, if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. So to celebrate the worst town in the world here is a post by traveler Eliazer Wind and his life and times travelling to the newest town we love to hate 🙂

Where in the World...??

What it do,
(Day 47)

If I was retarded and from a farm then Bruges would impress me. But I’m not. So It doesn’t. That is the famous quote from the movie En Bruges. Everyone in town will tell you they hate that movie, then they will ask you if you’re here because of it, and then will proceed to talk about it. I think they secretly love it. Also, Bruges is quit beautiful and as the people of Gent would not like to hear, it is worth more than just a day trip.

We arrived, walked around (I was still with my new American friend, might as well travel together for a day), and then found a hostel right downtown. Then we walked some more, and ended up at a brewery. If someone would have told me that a brewery in Bruges would be the first I’ve ever been…

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