Fiction Blast! Part 1

Lets jazz things up with a story thats fictional, a fantasy short story that I’ve broken up into 2 parts.
The breaking up of this story is for your benefit so that your not reading one looong blog post for any longer than I myself would like to ha.

This is something I wrote about a year ago, however opened quite recently and have changed it. I’m not sure how it is, so I’m relying on you guys to let me know! Hope you like it.

Little Universe Pt 1. By me


During the course of most of our lives, many of us have made the wish that given the snap of our fingers we could possess anything our heart desired. This is generally coupled with a second wish, that we could possess the space needed to enjoy the pleasures that made up our hearts desire. If you are an exception from this case; you are likely a part of the vast minority of the population that populated Earth 2 that did not vote for the Genie government. It was this party that decided that all people would be moved to the Tiny galaxy, in which every man woman and child may possess a planet of his or her own to live out the rest of their lives in happiness. Yes, I’m sorry to report that if you are a living consciousness and you didn’t vote for the Genie Government, then your vote for the Alyxes Government has failed. Alternatively if you are not a breathing consciousness than you may simply be the thought of doubt that circled the head of Apnes, who lived on the tiny planet of Ummm and was living out his twenty first year in luxury and loneliness.

In his tenth year Apnes had selected a forestry planet in the Eastern sector of Tiny, enjoying gardening and a fondness for childhood stories of Earth nature. It is customary for children to select their planet of choice at this age, and to name it, then to be placed there to live out the remainder of their lives in happiness.

Apnes had been alone for long enough that he wasn’t unfriendly with loneliness, and therefore never saw it as a real problem. However when surrounded by trees and general vegetation, one is never truly alone, so perhaps he was never lonely at all. Having chosen a planet that was outside the range of the broadcasted education network, Apnes had never taken any part in formal education. Because of this he never knew exactly how big his planet was, however he knew for sure that if he walked around his planet twice, a drop of sweat would reach his eyebrow. So to describe the diameter of the planet exactly, the circumference of the planet was about half a sweat drop.

Anything Apnes’ heart desired he would receive inside of a bubble spurted outside the top of the obesity tree. He simply had to think about whatever his heart desired at that moment, and out of the obesity tree, contained within a bubble would emerge whatever object he had desired. This was how the Genie government was run, and it was a time of great contentment.

Apnes sat on the edge of his treehouse roof and stared off into space. Doubt circled his head as it had done for many nights previously, he wondered what was out there, who lived on the shining planets that surrounded his, and what fertilizer they used to stop the laughter tree’s from dying. There were three trees that wouldn’t grow in his beautiful planetary garden; laughter trees, pear trees, and luxury omnipresent virlurularoostular eppifor trees. Every fertaliser imaginable was attainable from the obesity tree, but nothing that would make these trees grow. The obesity trees could make whatever the heart desired, however though he desired for the trees to grow, he couldn’t pinpoint the correct fertaliser and desire its existence.

Gardening and walking filled Apnes’ time, followed by nights spent sitting on the roof of his treehouse home, looking out into the stars and wondering.

This particular night he was looking out to the star nearest to his, a bright pink star that shone brighter than the blue, green and yellow ones surrounding it. He very much wanted to see what was on that star, but no matter how much he wondered, he couldn’t will his eyes to see further.

The following days played out as his days normally did, dull and full of the routine of one that can grow boredom and malcontent trees so high it is difficult to obtain the fruit from the very top, but is unable to grow even one pear tree. Days crawled into weeks, and then months, and by the time he was most of the way through his twenty second year he had grown so use to eating from the trees that he had grown, the obesity tree was beginning to wilt, because it had been so long since it had blown a single bubble and refreshed itself.

Then one day something finally happened.

The S.S Chance, while making its routine voyage among the stars checking on the planets and making sure order was being kept and nothing was wrong, it was hit by a rouge meteorite and sent hurtling into the pink planet near that of Apnes. Apnes woke with a start to the noise of the ship grinding into the planet, metal was screaming as it bend and shattered against the side of the planet, and was sent hurtling into deep space never to be seen from again. Apnes heart beat wildly as he stared at the planet thinking desperate thoughts that for the first time didn’t include himself, but for the wellbeing of whoever occupied the planet so near to his own.

At that moment the obesity tree began to blow, and soon a bubble containing a bazar object fell to Apnes’ feet. It was a tube of some kind, it felt hard and contained an equally hard object inside that could be stared through like water. Apnes stared into it, and through it everything seemed much smaller and further away. He decided this might be useful for gardening, but not in the slightest for helping whoever lived on the planet that had been hit. It was only by chance that he looked through the other side while lifting it to throw it away.

Through the other side things were much, much bigger than seen with the natural eye, and using this item’s second and newly discovered ability, Agnes peered through the devise at the pink planet to see what information he could ascertain.

The planet seemed to be covered in a kind of pink grass, trees dotted the landscape but not nearly as many as the trees that covered his. However though the trees were not as many, they were many different colours and were suddenly in Apnes opinion far more interesting than the many plain coloured trees that filled his own planet. Apnes wished desperately he could see the trees closer to hopefully discover what they were, he had heard about the existence of sanity trees, virtue trees, and even that of hope trees from the driver of the S.S Destiny that had visited his planet years ago while on a delivery of fate to another planet in the Eastern Sector.

The taking of ones breath is often used as an expression to detail the action of inhaling breath because something is breath-taking to the owner of the breath. It is not really thievery of anything physical and therefore not punishable under the laws of the Genie government, but is often thievery none the less. Thievery of thought, of desire and consequently time as you spend hours doing nothing more than thinking about the object of desire that took your breath to begin with.

After viewing the trees and the grass Agnes gaze turned to see a female of a species similar to his own, and in an instant she stole his breath from right under his nose. Along with his breath she, in one swoop stole hours of his future thought and his happiness as nights were spent sleepless and wracked with misery. He was alone, and she was alone, but this was not so much an impossible burden as a problem that needed solving…

Thats the end for now. Tonight will be a regular post and tomorrow morning I’ll post part 2. Let me know if it was a good experience for you, if so then we can do another fiction blast someday soon. Enjoy your day and subscribe!!! for another adventure post tonight!

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