Fiction Blast! Part 2

Hey guys, well here is the final part to the short story I began yesterday.
If you enjoyed reading it then I’ll do this again soon, it’s been a blast for me so I hope it has been for you too.
Read part 1 first if you haven’t already, it is the post before the ‘5 things’ post before this one. Two posts ago basically.
Enjoy, and we will chat soon.


Little Universe Pt 2 by Me


Agnes stared at her with disbelief. How could something so incredible exist? And in one more act of thievery the girl stole his obesity tree, as it curled up and died the second the thought of her entered his mind and stole his dependance on it. The obesity tree was genetically designed for one purpose, to serve the needs and desires of its master, helping them live in happiness and luxury. Agnes now only desired to make her happier than she could ever be, and be the only thing she would ever need or want. His heart was bursting with pain, because he’d fallen earlier that day onto a root jutting from the ground and winded himself, and now his mind hurt also because of his new obsession with her. He was filled with so much rare and potent affection, it was the poison that killed the poor tree, making it the first obesity tree in three hundred years to die a death of that nature.

All these things happened in mere seconds, and in that time Apnes’ life was changed permanently. Over the coming days she would become the object of his speculation through the ‘looking water’ as the hard device being used by Apnes to stare at her through had become known. Her form was beyond compare, her dark hair fell like a waterfall down her cheeks, past her shoulders and down her back. Her hair was littered with flowers of every kind, which reflected the dress made entirely out of flowers and happiness which she had sewn only weeks before his discovering her. However it was her smile that captured Apnes obsession, making her a thief of yet another of his metaphorical possessions. Every time he caught her smile through the looking water, he added it to the string he was using to create a necklace to go with her dress. The view was so perfect through the looking water, one could almost forget the entire left-most half of the planet was in complete ruin from the ship wreck.

In the coming weeks Apnes had created a necklace, bracelet, brooch and ring for her and was no closer to being able to meet her and dazzle her with his gifts. He had eaten less and less as time went by and his garden was falling into serious disrepair. The selfishness trees had almost died entirely and the boredom trees hung lifelessly and bore no fruit. His once green and grey planet was becoming increasingly black and darker grey, but he gave the garden no thought and spared it not a glance.

A month went by and an inspection was scheduled, the S.S Devastation sailed closer and closer to Apnes’ planet planning to land on it to ascertain the reason for its severe disrepair. When the ship arrived Apnes would not spare the planet a mention in his

conversation with the captain, only interested in the girl on the pink planet. But as soon as he had made the acquisition he regretted it, for it was then he learned that though she was a picture of immeasurable perfection, her being Elf kind made it illegal under the Genie Government to think of her romantically.

The news broke him in half, less from surprise because he had known the law before, but more from finally understanding it’s finality. It’s one thing to know the law, it’s another to hear it confirmed by someone that will enforce it. It didn’t matter however, what Elvish Goddess could ever desire an average human male? He finally accepted this as he placed the jewelry he created on the soil ground, and allowed it to take the jewelry, absorbing it as rapidly as it absorbed tears and other forms of liquid. His sadness caused the atmosphere of the planet to dampen, and the trees hung a little lower, and the planet fell a little on its axis as if in response to its masters despair.

Days passed and Apnes lost all consciousness and drifted into a deep sleep achieved only by those neither wanting to be dead nor alive. In response he was recovered from his dead planet by the S.S Inevitability by the Genie personally, who was down on the poles on this particular day and decided it was in his best interest to seem involved in the welfare of his citizens. Workers residing on the S.S Inevitability wheeled Apnes onto the ship and pulled away from the planet carefully, not wishing to upset Apnes’ delicate mental state.

Hours passed before Apnes was able to open his eyes, and when he finally did he immediately wished he hadn’t. Instantly he could feel the distance that had grown between his Elvish obsession and himself, a feeling that can only be compared to the way a planet feels as it’s losing orbit and falling away from a star. As the distance grows between them and the ice forms on its increasingly freezing landscapes, its core sinks and its lava stops flowing.

Apnes stared at the white ceiling and contemplated the possibility of drifting into a sleep so deep that one is unable to wake from it, and feeling becomes irrelevant. However as his mind wandered, he train of thought was derailed as the Genie approached and greeted him loudly and obnoxiously.

The Genie sat on the end of his bed and talked, most of his chatter didn’t mean anything to Apnes so he allowed the words to pass over his head without thought or consideration.

However it was the mention of rebuilding his planet that caught Apnes’ train of thought and held it for ransom.

The Genie discussed many possibilities for planetary rebuilding, however it was another proposition that caused Apnes to shoot up from his slouched position and pay keener attention than he had ever payed to that date.

When the pink planet was run into by the S.S Chance, her obesity tree was destroyed and she has been living entirely on regular deliveries from other ships. An obesity tree needed to be planted on her planet as soon as possible, however such a tree cannot be planted without first having been born out of a donated soul. This soul would inhabit the tree and live through it providing whatever the owner of the planet anything their heart desired. The donor would have to sacrifice all except the ability to give limitlessly to the object of the trees affection.

Apnes’ eyes lit up, this was it.


Foelle lived happily on her pink planet, content to water her trees and create dresses. Her days were spent happily sewing and creating wearable masterpieces, then walking around her trees and watching the fabrics flow in the ever-blowing breeze. Lately however the thread had been running low, as the ships bearing provisions only carried food and other essentials. The new obesity tree couldn’t have come a moment too soon, and as soon as it was planted it provided a new supply of the greatest thread she’d ever seen. Everyday it served her she stroked its long leaves, and everyday she could swear she felt it shiver under her delicate touch. It seemed happy, even loving. She could never feel lonely while around her obesity tree, but of course when around trees, one is never truly alone.

Well kids, thats the end of the story. I hope you liked it, if you did let me know coz that’d be awesome.
I’ll be coming at you again later on with an update on my exploration, such as that I’m probably gonna be hitting some of Shanghai’s massive toy stores today. Yesterday I hit one and it was fantastic, the guys show you demo’s of the coolest toys such as remote controlled cars driving up walls!
So don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned for that, and I’ll catch ya then.

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