Being Mr. Grumpy Face in Beijing

So good and bad things today, lets start bad and end on good.

  • Lost card by leaving it in ATM, called bank like 5 times and each time they didn’t understand me and kept transferring me. So card is not cancelled.
  • Ate weird chicken and feel sick
  • Missed train, and just general other bad stuff.
  • In a new hotel with somehow even worse internet

Good things.

  • Am now in Beijing!
  • Took an amazing train trip through the centre of China to get here, and it was just like that scene in Mulan where the soldiers are walking through China singing, except with more phone towers and less women in fields.

But now I’m at my new hotel, and despite being in a new city I’m uncharacteristically deflated. My internet isn’t working and rather than just leaving it for later I’ve refreshed it 30,000 times out of the sheer need to win. 
If you were to come to Beijing and walk into the SunWorld Hotel you would see a crabby looking white-ish guy sitting in the lobby, because it has slightly faster internet than in his room. The poor cleaning guy is about to ask him to move so that he can vacuum under him, but he is clearly dreading it and has asked everyone else first so that the crabby guy will assume he must move as well.

Ok ok fine, I’m moving, it’s not the cleaning guys fault.

Ok what this needs is a quick trip to the 24 hour place across the street, maybe a couple dumplings and a chocolate milk. 
Then I’ll return back and sit on my window sill (it’s massive) and eat it all looking out the window onto the city below, how can I complain so much with a prospect like that? I can freaking see Mongolia from that window.

I think its just my extraordinary ability to allow a series of small bad things to over power a couple of really good things. I think I just feel ripped off, because half the things I did and stuff I bought in Shanghai was apparently good luck, soooo if this is what good luck looks like theeeeen yeah. Keep it.

Anyway, tomorrow is the Forbidden City, it’s literally across the street, and maybe a few more things. Then the day after tomorrow will be the Great Wall itself.

How about you, do you find yourself able to throw things out of proportion? Do you overlook the good when theres enough bad? Or are you that much of a better person. 
How do people get better perspective? I’m guessing thats why things such as yoga and such as so popular. Any exercise where you can take a moment and re-focus on whats important would probably keep situations where you ‘lose your cool’ from happening as often as they do.

Ok well I know it’s short and sweet, but I’d better post this while I can and get back, have an awesome rest of your day wherever you are, and we shall chat more tomorrow. See ya!

P.S Subscribe for more action tomorrow!! I’ll post something more substantial then haha 😉

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