Living out my Favourite Movie, Becoming Jet Li

So before we talk ‘Hero’ and awesome things, I’ll set your mind at ease about the bank craziness.

So I lost my Bank of China debit card, and after calling them no-one could cancel it.
I went to the Bank of China today for no less than an hour trying to sort it all out, except that it turns out that every Bank of China branch is like it’s own bank. The lady literally told me that because I opened my account at a different branch, that I could be with Citibank and it would be just as hard for her to cancel my lost card as it would be to cancel my Bank of China card. Say what now?
How is that anything but the most irresponsible and terrible system ever??

So to all the people that recommended me a Bank of China account, I pat you on the head and say it was a nice thought but, if anything goes remotely wrong, your freaking screwed.
However the useless lady did give me an idea, she unknowingly reminded me that my American card is Citibank, so I walked to a Citibank ATM and was able to withdraw all the cash I’d need for the rest of the trip without any fee’s. Awesome sauce.

I love that when one bank is being terrible, another bank can swoop in and save the day by being awesome. Citibank is the same in every country, I don’t understand, I never thought I’d count that as amazing, but here we are.

Anyway in other news, I’m at a new hotel (I booked 2 separate ones for Beijing) and turning up at this new hotel I was like “oh crap.”
It’s a little neighbourhood a couple blocks from the middle of the city (CBD for Auzzies, or Downtown for Americans) which isn’t at all bad. However the outside of the building looks super shady, and the lobby is shared with a couple other businesses and a Malaysian restaurant, ouch.
The last one had a carpeted elevator and golden hallways, this one has a rickety steel elevator and dark hallways.


When we opened the door to our room we almost died of shock. It’s freaking massive, it’s stunning, it’s got an even bigger window than the last one with a stunning view of the city and a giant pillow seat right on the sill. The beds sink down with comfiness and the internet is almost western world fast, I nearly just sat down and cried. This is by far the most luxurious place I’ve stayed in, and I’m counting my week at the Marriot (thanks again Disney!) I never saw this room coming.

The comfy bed is particularly welcome after hiking through the Forbidden City today… say whaaaaat! The Forbidden City! Aaaah!!

It was incredible (obviously) and overpowering and very humbling. This ancient palace looks just like it did in the movie ‘Hero’ which was a big part of the inspiration I needed to make China a priority for travelling to.
We had access to lots of places within the walls, the Emperors garden, and that huge area right in front of the palace where the thousands of guards stood (in the movie) and chanted like crazy people.
I did flying kicks stood on the steps where Broken Sword and Flying Snow fought through the thousands of soldiers and almost killed the Emperor.

Also, also, real stuff happened there too. I know very little about the real stuff that happened at the Forbidden City thousands of years ago, but I’m sure it was just as cool as the movie.
Do you think what happened was kinda close to the movie? I could look it up, buuuuut not now.

If you know can you comment it down below? I would love to know a little more about ancient Chinese history.

While exploring I walked past these tour groups standing by something amazing, and the tour guide explaining (in Mandarin) exactly what happened in history and what it meant, and the people looking really interested and inspired.
I was so annoyed.
Explain it to me also tour guide! I also want to know! I can’t understand you! Speak something I know! Something like “that was the largest shirt we have, none for you.”

But seriously it’s not fair, sorry Australia but I get no where near as passionate about our history. Not only is it short, but it’s dull, and doesn’t involve massive ancient palaces and kingdoms.

Well anyway, before I insult too many people I’ll go. Tomorrow is the wall itself, and maybe a Chinese acrobat show at a famous theatre somewhere. I’ll find it and let you know.

Until then subscribe, chat to me, and I’ll see you soon 😉


2 thoughts on “Living out my Favourite Movie, Becoming Jet Li

  1. I’m loving your China posts, and this one in particular. Stoked you got an amazing room! I’ve never actually had a want to travel to China before, but your experiences have intrigued me and it’s going on my list! (Albeit, about half way down the list, but still, it made it on there!)

    1. Bahaha awesome! I should bill Tourism China a commission haha. Let see if I can’t move it up your list before I leave 😉

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