Things a Traveller needs to Notice

So when you travel theres plenty you need to keep an eye out for, things like noticing landmarks so that you can find your way back and local traffic conditions because road rules are road recommendations in some countries.

But besides these more commonly known things, there are plenty of things you learn for yourself along the way. These things are mostly learned because when one didn’t observe something and it cost you time, pain, or a limb. Instead I’ve made a list from some of my journeys that may help.

1. Leave that club earlier than you would back home, particularly if your walking home and the path is less than crowded.
One time I left a bar in Nassau (The Bahamas) at 2am and walked back by myself along the main street of town, a van followed me most of the way and it scared the crap out of me. In some places people want to spook you, they know your a visitor and your easy, but in some places they genuinely want to attack you so be smart. The street was empty, there wasn’t much lighting and I knew no-one would hear me. I made that mistake and it could have ended horribly, so don’t let it for you.

2. Dress for the culture your in, your favourite tank top may not match your new city.
My friend once tried wearing a tank top in Japan, and it was not ok. It turns out that when some white girls present themselves a little to well, some old creepy Japanese men can be less than subtle about their attraction. But it could have been even worse, in some parts of the world people could have been very offended, in very few places she could have been arrested or attacked. My lady travelling friends in particular generally like to keep their shoulders, arms and legs covered as they trek the world, it’s just best for everyone.

3. Keep an eye on your visa conditions, for example I almost didn’t find out until too late that tourists in China are required to keep their passports on their person wherever they are in the country.
It’s not very likely, but if your visiting and an official asks to see it, you have to be able to present it.
Why do they require that you keep your most valuable possession on your person instead of in your safe at your hotel? Can’t say, it doesn’t exactly make me feel safe but you gotta do it. Every visa has conditions you need to know about, for example my US visa doesn’t allow me to earn any American money thats not coming from Disney, which is keeping me careful.
Ultimately know what your agreeing to, and avoid accidentally causing a situation that gets you kicked out. Also don’t do anything before getting a visa that will stop it happening at all, such as even a small criminal record and you can kiss away America.

If you want any more advice or if you have any questions, feel free to email me or use the contact page. Or just leave a comment!

I went to the Great Wall today, and my legs are killing me haha. No-one tells you how much of a hike it is! It seriously nearly killed me. There’s nothing like standing on the wall, looking out across thousands of years of history and feeling that history with your own hands.
The wall actually reminds me of one more piece of advice.

4. Buses can be really difficult to navigate and understand, and you may reach the point sometime when your taking a gamble on which bus is right and putting all your chips on that card. Pick the bus with the super touristy white caucasian nuclear family.
Mr and Mrs cliche tourist and their kids only visit the highest trafficked tourists spots, and even then only if they are featured in enough movies.
So the moral of this story is that if your trying to find a huge national landmark, follow this family and chances are you’ll be fine. I used this principle today to decide between three buses for the Great Wall and it served me well. However if you can, do your research well enough that you don’t have to do this, but if this advice saves you even once then it was worth it.

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