Battle Royale

So today I leave Beijing! Noooooo!!
But silver lining I am taking a train back through the countryside of China and back to Shanghai. Yay!
I loved the train last time, it’s really fun, so I’m excited for today.

So I woke up this morning with some mixed emotions about life and family, so I wrote some fiction. It doesn’t have a lot of context, but it’s basically just a short story in which two bad ass guys break out of prison.

I know what you might be thinking, “we’ve never been to a travel blog before that insisted on writing short stories??” .. Well ya know. We all gotta do our own thang.

Ok here it is ma friends. 😉 Hope you enjoy, let me know!

In a flash of bright light and a deafening sound like that if a hurricane, Lurtz and Fox appeared back in their jail cell; this had not been their first time. Instantly Lurtz began to feel the return of the heavy tiredness, the side effect of both too much teleportation and the pixie spell over the cell designed to subdue prisoners. Fox smashed a potion on the ground, this one hissed for a second then uttered a noise like a whisper as a small vapor appeared and disappeared like fog. Lurtz instantly felt better, it was useful having Fox around, he seemed to create and dissipate spells with too much ease.

Not to be outdone in usefulness, Lurtz pulled a small stone from his pocket and placed it under his foot. Feeling the power of the ground channel from the stone through his body and into his hand, he reached forward and grabbed one of the magical bars of the cell. The bars were made up of powerful dust particles, forming a dense bar connected from the roof to the ground, almost impenetrable. However as Lurtz grabbed the centre pole, a spark shot through the bar, and a earthen color began to ooze from his gripped hand. Within seconds the entire bar became brown and turned to rock, Lurtz then smashed it effortlessly with the butt of his bow and squeezed through the gap.

Lurtz and Fox crept through the prison tunnels, not daring to make a sound. The tunnels acted as dark passageways cutting through the ground, linking the prison cells like a criminal beehive. Lurtz and Fox couldn’t help being anxious as bitter feelings of helplessness surrounded them. Depression filled them both, however they did not weaken their resolve, they knew their feelings were simulated and a part of the magic that keeps one locked in this prison. The most powerful weapon of all to a prisoner being the will to escape.

At last they reached Pixie City, though it housed creatures only inches tall it was still the size of a regular city. They stood behind the closest building, peering out, millions of pixies were flying in all directions, Lurtz could not believe how crowded it was. it shone a bright gold colour and somehow fit entirely underground. Fox invoked a cloaking spell and they crept through the streets, regular magic would be negated here but through strong potions they still had some power, but they had to be careful, even the high strength cloaking potion was still weak here. They crept through the streets, seeming to any onlookers as a shadow, or a trick of the light.

They continued until they reached the gate, bound in such a way that only a resident of the city could ever pass through. They stood in the shadow of the nearest overhanging building and formulated their method of escape.

“Stop!” A pixie had seen them and with a flash of blinding light cast a spell that caught Lurtz in the blink of an eye, he managed to rasp a breath to whimper, terrified, before turning into stone.
Fox thought quickly and broke off a stone arrow from Lurtz’s quiver and launched it at the charging Pixie, cutting between its hand and wand. Separated from its wand for the first time in its life the Pixie screamed and burst into dust.

Fox had time to hurriedly throw down another cloaking spell before guards came to investigate the commotion.
Satisfied that they had gone and sufficient time had gone by, Fox approached the giant gate and forced the glowing wand into the key hole. The gates shuddered before swinging open allowing Fox full access to the world of Gaia for the first time.

“Party time” Fox snickered and took his first steps into freedom.

Well I hoped you liked it 🙂 Please subscribe for more action in the coming days as I … leave … China (tear) and do more even wonderful things. We’d love to have you along 🙂 And do keep in touch, have an awesome one! See ya

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