Posing as rich on a Train, and stern in a hotel.

Ok, I’ve got an idea

It seems that people are liking to some degree the random short stories I write and occasionally post on here, so I’m gonna take some of the random out of it and organise this blog a little bit. 
From this point on I’m going to be posting a series of short fiction, each will be connected and it will be a running story. I’m gonna release each story every Friday, and hopefully the story will develop and get better and you’ll enjoy following along. 🙂
So follow along as each Friday the plot thickens, starting a week from now! Woo!
Ok so updates, today I took another train through the country of China, except this time it was from Beijing to Shanghai, and this time we made a massive blunder. 
When booking a train in China, you have to be present to show your passport before you can collect your ticket. So though you can book ahead you still have to line up at the ticket desk anyway, and try and communicate that you booked earlier and your not buying a ticket like everyone else there. Almost impossible, so we bought both of our tickets at the station before we left. 
The first time it was from Shanghai to Beijing and we hit no snags, we traveled 2nd class and had a great time. But this time, though we turned up even earlier than the first time we had traveled they were all sold out. Our flight is literally tomorrow midday, we had to get back to Shanghai, there was absolutely no other option. The only train that had 2 spots was a train that left 4 hours later and only had seats in VIP class (one class higher than 1st class) and it was three times the price. 
We considered training to the airport and booking a last minute ticket, but we realised that if we went there we’d sacrifice the only train going today, in the hopes of catching a flight that had spare seats, and if one didn’t it would be game over. Plus a last minute flight would cost the same anyway, except be in hot smelly coach. So we sucked it up and sacrificed more money then we’ll ever spend for a train ever again.
Now I’m looking at it in a positive light, when would I ever do this ever? I would never travel even business class let alone VIP, I didn’t even know 1st class wasn’t the highest! I’ve always traveled in coach and though I’ve always wanted the first class experience, I’ve never been able to fork over more money than I’ve had to in order to get somewhere.
But I knew that travel is about having experiences you’ve never had and may never have again, plus it was literally our only option, so it happened. 
I am however grateful that it happened in China, the same train length traveling VIP class in Australia would have cost thousands, I’ve looked into it. This only cost a couple hundred, so really in the grand scheme of things its not that bad. 
Anyway it was totally awesome! There was more legroom than my entire cabin on the Disney Wonder, the giant space seats reclined all the way until you could lie completely flat. We got super weird Chinese food, individual power points and super adorable waitresses who tried really hard to offer us English service. When giving us dinner options I could choose between the beet or the port dinners, my friend asked for beet, I hadn’t caught on that we were sparing her feelings so I was all like “I’ll have beef”. The girl realised her mistake and giggled and left, but I felt bad, I didn’t wanna patronise the girl!? I dunno I’m conflicted. 
I reckon though if your gonna spend 7 hours on a train, it should be spent with enormous windows looking out into rural China, while you lie flat half watching ‘The Boon Docks’ on your plugged in macbook. 
So the story ended positively, we made it back to Shanghai. We’re staying in our first hotel of the journey, and it was like coming home, I almost welled up seeing it. This is where I made my first China memories! These sappy feelings quickly ran dry as the hotel receptionist guy tried to check us into a single 1 bed bedroom, hell to the no.
Now my friend I’m staying with is a gentle soul, so she wanted to just check in quickly, leave the man alone and just get off her feet; however I’m notoriously stubborn with hotel receptionists.
See I know for a fact by this point in my travels that I’m going to win, I am the house and they are not gonna beat me because I have nothing to lose. A hotel receptionist can’t afford to cause bad reviews because they didn’t do their job right, so I’m not gonna be dick about it, but I’m gonna get mine.
The last time a hotel tried to pull a stunt they were trying to charge me $80 for internet because of some ridiculous policy on paying per device that uses the internet. It took an hour or so, but I got that down to $15 on the merits of reasonability, and the hotel doesn’t lose out, their bill doesn’t change because I wanted to check Facebook on both my phone and macbook. Anyway, in this case I wanted my own bed, my printed booking confirmation tells me I have a bed, and I’m getting a bed. 
I stared that man down as he told me they were booked up, pointed at the sentence that said I had a bed a dozen times, and watched him flick aimlessly through stacks of paper as he considered things. The trick is to keep your eyes stern, they want to win so they look for weakness, but you stay looking stern and they cave. 
Anyway low and behold a room turned up with two beds, so I thanked him, my friend thanked him profusely, and we got to our room. And it’s awesome.
Anyway guys it’s after midnight and I’ve been on a train all day, so I’m gonna go out into the city and find something fun to do.
I get on a plane tomorrow and then it’s Hong Kong and then I’ll spend a week in Australia. Subscribe and come again for lots more fun, and enjoy your day or night, wherever you are 😉 See ya. 


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