Blunder 2.0


I’ve left China ūüė¶ booooooooo

This photo is me on the 2nd viewing platform of the Oriental Pearl tower, I’ve been given advice to include more photos, so I’m going to make the effort!

My problem is I hate taking photos, and pose awkwardly for photos, and don’t like seeing photos in my reader. Am I some kind of scrooge for imagery? What is with me distaste at seeing something wonderful? Honestly if a blog posts too many photos I bail, am I a psycho?

Anyway I can see the error of my ways and I’m going to do my very best to reform, in any case I’m back in Hong Kong.

Oh! Guess what! I booked a Disney Cruise for myself and a friend from the 27th of April until the 1st of May! Woo! And I begin work again on the 2nd of May. So now I get to be the freaking GUEST! GUESS WHO’S LIVING IT UP NOOOOOWWW!! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I love being the guest, MY WILL BE DONE!!!!!


So here is the series of events.

  • Today – leave China
  • Tomorrow – arrive in Melbourne, Australia
  • 22nd of April – arrive in Queensland, Australia
  • 26th of April – arrive in Orlando Florida, go to the Magic Kingdom
  • 27th April – 1st May – Disney Cruise to the Bahamas
  • 2nd of May – Begin my 3rd Disney contract

During the cruise I’m not gonna be able to post as internet won’t be available, so I’ll still write and just post a few posts all at once after the cruise is over. Perhaps I’ll find internet in Nassau while I’m in the Bahamas, but not super likely.

Anyway so todays blunder, I left my suitcase on the X-ray machine after entering Hong Kong Airport and realised 15 minutes later in a shop. Seriously? The amount of flights I’ll have taken this year, by the time it’s over will be almost equal to my age; and I still can pull a stunt like that? It’s like I have the brain of a 75 year old, I should really get checked out.

So I went down to the scanning area, to realise it was completely the wrong one. I then had to wait nervously as the guards chatted over walkie talkie to the guys in other various scanning rooms, trying to locate the crazy guy’s Disney suitcase.
This is one conversation I had to have.
“What colour is it?”
“It’s lots of colours, its a — Disney case”
“Disney case?”
“You know — like Mickey Mouse?”
“Oh …. is it plastic?”
“…………… yes”
(Turns to buddy) “Wo renwei zhe shi yige haizi de zai yong luxing xiang!!! Hahahahahahaha”
“Follow my staff please”

So I trudged after the other guy like a naughty kid straight to the right room, identified it and could leave.
I’m not embarrassed to sport a child and/or Disney fan’s suitcase, but I’m not super into the¬†unnecessary attention none the less. I can rock that thing in airport lounges, I just always keep a Disney stock tab open on my macbook, just so they know I’m important to the company. I maintain the facade that I’m like the McDonalds CEO, I sport the companies merchandise and represent with pride.

Now I’ve just got to survive the 10 hours back to Australia in one piece. You know I’m gonna fly 6 times in the next week? Lord beer me strength.

Subscribe if you wanna come along, you might enjoy yourself! Strike up a convo if you’d like and I’ll see you guys really soon.

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