Back into Space – Part 1

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btw incase you were wondering about todays ‘Munchy Mondays Restaurant Review’ that was suppose to be coming out, I’m moving it to tomorrow. Yes I’m keeping the name, even though it’s Tuesday so you’ll have to come to terms with that.

The reason is that I’m in Melbourne today and I’ve already done a review in Melbourne, so I’m gonna go to a restaurant in Queensland tomorrow and review that one instead.

Today I explored Melbourne and not much happened that was super exciting, so I decided to write a little fiction. This story is my sequel to the previous story I wrote, if you wanna read that first please scroll back to ‘Fiction Blast 1’. However this story is not a direct sequel so reading the first one isn’t mandatory.

Remember this Friday I’m beginning a short story series that which will be in weekly editions released each Friday, so this fiction sampler should tell you whether or not you will want to be involved. 😉 I sure hope you do.

Little Planet – Part 1:

“It’s a funny thing, that we exist and are in fact defined by the things that cause us both our greatest joys and our greatest sorrows. 

Those of us who have not yet had positive encounters with experiences such as love, fear, purpose or pears; would know that these such things can cause us to become creatures that don’t necessarily reflect our true selves. Creatures that cry, scream, throw precious objects around and curse the people we once held dear. 

Disasters such as love and the others can seem counter-productive to what may have been a carefree and pleasant life, had it not been for their uninvited and unwanted input. Love is often on ones doorstep without so much as a phone call, and rather than tell it to run along and bother someone else as we ought to, we weaken to its charm and allow it to change our lives radically, often for the worse. 

Fael and Alyssi shared a planet called Bole located in the Northern sector of the Tiny Galaxy.

This galaxy was a piece of space containing the entire human race after it moved from Earth 2 under the leadership of the Genie Government. 

The common practice for the citizens of the Tiny Galaxy was to allow each human a planet of his or her own from ten years of age, however two years after moving onto their respective planets, the planets belonging to Fael and Alyssi fell into the same orbit around a fate star. 

During their twelfth year, the planets collided with the star creating one larger planet inhabited by two people and heated from within by the giant, living star. 

Though it was unusual for two people to be living on the same planet, Fael and Alyssi got along very well. It was not recommended to have two people living on the same planet, because as they were both human, they were both prone to extreme levels of selfishness. Studies have shown that only when a human is living on his or her own planet, being looked after by their own individual obesity tree can one be truly happy. However as two obesity tree’s cannot exist on the same planet because of their extensive root system, one of them shriveled up days after the planets collided and they both shared the same tree.

Fael enjoyed life on Bole, he got along with Alyssi and generally didn’t possess any worries at all. The planet was dotted with a few trees and quite a few mountains, and he enjoyed digging as a hobby to pass the time.

He would often find shiny stones that were created by the heat of the living fate star at the core of the planet. Alyssi was nice, and didn’t get annoying. She wasn’t very tall, had rather long blonde hair and a fair complexion.

Sometimes they would eat dinner together at the top of one of the taller mountains and look for shooting stars in the distance of space, life was relaxed and he enjoyed things this way.

Alyssi found life on Bole a mixed bag. She enjoyed life, living in a glorious tree house she built herself without the aid of the obesity tree. She enjoyed building a lot and spent her time walking the mountains, looking for trees and mud to build things with.

She very much enjoyed making objects that made Fael’s life easier and made his digging more efficient. She was often thinking of ways to create a sharper shovel, or innovate systems of keeping dirts from sliding back into dug holes. 

She loved the look on his face when she would present him with something helpful she had innovated, and lived for the look in his eye that seemed to tell her that she was useful. Fael’s eyes sparkled and danced as he chatted endlessly about his days findings during one of their dinner dates on the top of the mountain. 

The reason life was a mixed bag, was even though everything was perfect, it was also not perfect. He did not see that she wanted him to share more than simply a tree and a planet with him. 

The longer he seemed to not understand what she wanted, the less perfect life became. 

Then one day life changed. The day was normal, indistinguishable from any other and yet the perfect day for something amazing to suddenly appear onto life’s doorstep with no warning or phone call.

Fael was digging, as was customary during the fourteenth hour of any given day when he noticed Alyssi approaching from over the northern hill. 

As it was not unusual to see her walking in his direction, he simply remained gazing at her and not looking where he was digging. 

As a result of his inattention he was surprised when his shovel hit something hard and bounced out of his hand. 

One of the many trees that dotted the landscape of Bole had fallen years ago, and been covered by the dust of years gone by. During this time it had been near the heat of the fate star, and over time developed life. The strike from the shovel was all it needed to start its

 suddenly beating wooden heart and it promptly sat up and gave Alyssi a smile that could melt leaves.

Fael decided right away he did not like the wooden man. Almost immediately the thing crawled out of the hole and went and spoke with Alyssi about something beyond Fael’s earshot.

He didn’t mind at first, but then over the following days the thing kept on forcing Alyssi to spend time with it. The thing was obviously lonely, but it was unfair to make that Alyssi’s problem on a daily basis. 

Fael made plans everyday to make the creature leave Alyssi alone, but everyday he told himself that she was a grown lady, and that he should mind his own business. 

Alyssi loved the wooden man straight away, and from the moment he walked up to her and introduced himself as Geren she almost forgot that Fael even existed. 

Geren and Alyssi spent almost all of their time together, every moment that Geren could spare he would spend with her. 

Whole days were spent simply strolling away the time around the planet, talking about whatever came into their minds to talk about. 

Alyssi would walk along and fiddle with an innovation in her hands, and Geren would dance ahead of her, acting silly and trying to gain her attention and make her laugh. He was everything Alyssi had always wished Fael would be. 

Time spent with him seemed to drift away and she found that she couldn’t think of a time where she was happier.” —

Tomorrow morning I’ll add part 2, and tomorrow night (depending on where you are of course haha) I will add the review of the restaurant I choose in Queensland.

Thanks so much for sticking around, subscribe for more stories/fiction/travel and other stuff too. Have some water today 😉 See ya

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