Back into Space – Part 2

Well I’m going to Queensland today to enjoy my last 4 days in Australia for quite some time. Queensland is good for 2 things, my parents and Warner Bros. Movie World.
Movie World is no Disney World, but paying the same price to get in and experience something along the same lines is comforting.

Anyway that’s quite enough for the merits of Queensland, we have a story to get back to. Now where was I …

“Fael was not happy about Alyssi’s attraction to the creature, he was aware that Genie had passed a law legalizing romance between humanoids and plants because of a case involving an Elf and a tree in the Eastern sector, but he wasn’t happy with it, and decided it wasn’t right. 

It’s not that he cared what she did with herself, she was a grown female; it just felt like a waste. She was a brilliant human woman, and they are not as common as mere tree’s. 

Her form was acceptable, her being so petit. She had long hair, which in itself was a commendable feature. 

Her smile filled her face and was appropriately distanced from her nose, and always put him in a good mood. 

He was not enjoying the lack of attention he was getting these days, she never made him anything anymore.

She needed him, and she was more than likely taking him for granted. Did she think she had grown so mature that she could make decisions about things such as this? She was not even beyond her teenage years. He wished he had never begun digging in the first place. 

At first it could be assumed by some that his concerns were unwarranted, that he was reacting emotionally and with a bias born from jealousy. He began to think an assumption such as this may be warranted, but then he began to notice the changes the tree had brought to Alyssi, particularly in how she treated him.

Over time, she began to feel and act more sluggish. 

She stopped innovating regularly, and was content with her day after completing smaller and smaller tasks before feeling tired and retreating to be with her tree. 

Alyssi had grown tired of Fael and his constant disapproval. Whenever she pondered and was honest with herself, she knew that deep inside she was gleeful at how terribly he was reacting to her taking such a shining to her new tree.

She knew it killed him to see her so happy with someone else, and she loved it. It was his fault after all, he had driven her away with neglect. 

Geren wasn’t like Fael at all, he was sweet and kind. He listened to her stories, and supported her frustration towards Fael. 

One thing that she missed was the way Fael’s eyes would dance at the sight of her creations, Geren showed no interest in them at all. 

He believed they wasted time, time that could be spent with the ones we cared about. 

She began to believe the things he talked about, the importance of time spent with others, and began to think less of her silly trinkets and inventions. 

What was a useless piece of junk in comparison to a day talking with someone close to you, relaxed in the sun, at piece with the planet. 

Something had to be very wrong, not in his whole life had Fael seen Alyssi as anything resembling sluggish, and now she had become the very definition. She was generally a hard worker and prioritized like a master.

As time wore on she gave up even trying and simply slept against the tree’s trunk and mumbled occasionally, or lifted a hand to swat a passing leaf in the wind. 

Fael tried to reason with her, tried to make her see that she was changing, that she wasn’t even a shadow of the girl she use to be. She couldn’t make herself even want talk to him, it was simply easier to mumble to the tree man and sleep.
Seasons changed, and the tree man grew and changed, and with him, it seemed Alyssi began to change aswell. Her color over time began to change with his, and she was thrilled that she was beginning to resemble her wooden soul mate.

As her color slowly shifted into more earthen shades, it became more and more difficult to change positions while resting against her tree. 

One day she simply picked a position and committed to it, closing her eyes and falling into a deep sleep. 

Fael could scarcely stand by any longer and see his dear friend become one with a tree, her body had sunk into his flesh and become part of its form.

Her body was simply jagged corners of it’s sides, her face joining other lines and crevices and becoming nothing more than paw grips for squirrels. 

By this time the planet had descended into winter, and Fael had found a cave under the frosted grass filled with crunchy leaves to hide in and wait out the cold. 

Buried beneath the earth, Fael could find comfort in the warmth of the star radiating beneath him, the seemingly only constant in a world rife with change.

Winter pressed on, and Fael would emerge from his cave for minutes at a time whenever he could to visit Alyssi. Barely recognizable, she had slipped into a deep sleep and had become part of the tree. The tree himself had stopped talking altogether and was now indistinguishable from any of the other bare and shivering plant life left on the planet.

Though indistinguishable for now, competition for individuality was becoming increasingly scarce as everywhere around it the tree’s and plant-life were dying. Fael looked around him and wondered if it were the fault of the tree itself, or of the ever worsening winter.” —-

Join me again tomorrow morning for the final instalment of the story! And on Friday for the beginning of a brand new short story series. Tonight I review a Queensland restaurant so please come back again for that, and subscribe to get everything automatically. Don’t forget to call your mum and have an awesome day 😉

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