The Sticky Couch in the Small Town

Noosa is melting my face off.

Why is it that everyones parents live in a small town? Some of my most city loving, hip, forward thinking, corporate type friends that only have friends in big city type places – have parents in small towns.
I dunno, but it forces me to come back here fairly regularly and I’m always faced with those moments when everyone is carrying out their lives and your stuck alone thinking “how did this happen?”

Because of course when you visit somewhere, your only visiting! Your on vacation and have no worries, whereas the people living here have been caught in the middle of their everyday lives and are expected to fit you in.
So because of this, there are those hours every so often that everyones either working or busy, and your left alone. It’s never anywhere good either, it’s on a couch in someones living room. It won’t be a hot day, but only in this living room its 1000 degrees and the couch is becoming one with your back. It’s only really when I’m super hot, my clothes are dirty, and I’m alone in a small town that I really re-evaluate my life.
Even if everything in my life is perfect! I’ll still re-evaluate. “I have a job for Disney that has me travelling the world entertaining and pays for all my expenses …. Where did I go wrong?” I dunno, it puts me in a weird state of mind.
Although my job has a lot of pitfalls, not that anyone will hear about it. Everyone thinks I’m a terrific douche whenever I complain, because the good parts of the job are so loud, they can’t understand that anythings bad.
I’ll say “the hours are long, I really want the job that my job promotes into but its not happening, the job can be really frustrating.”
But all anybody hears is “I live in Miami, I’m a jet-setter, I can go to Disneyland for free giggle giggle giggle I’m a douche.”

I’m aloud to have problems too! Does anyone out there have problems that no-one will acknowledge? Because I can’t be the only one. Yes I’m going to the Magic Kingdom this saturday, but in a couple weeks I start working 75 hour weeks again, don’t you think something might be bad?
I’ve gotta say though, if I ever get promoted into the job that I want, I’ll never complain again. (errrr lie).

You should have seen the look on the guys face in the games shop today. He asked me if I wanted to subscribe to the gamer magazine I was buying a copy of, and I said no because I’m living and working in America at the moment, so I’ll just get the American one.
——- His face read “what a self entitled model of a douche”
So from now on I’m just gonna say — “no”. Easy

But here I am at the end of it all, at my parents place with the most constant and reliable part of my life. The sticky couch in the small town. I’ve got 3 more days here and then I’m off, so can you stand my complaining until then? I sure hope so.

I hope you guys have had an awesome day, please message me as some of you are, I’m really enjoying chatting with you. Subscribe and chat and I’ll see you real soon!













6 thoughts on “The Sticky Couch in the Small Town

    1. Prioritised coursework over exam preparation as it was due 2 months earlier. Basically underachieved as a class and she thought she has authority to tell us. Luckily gor her, only 2 of us were in class today. Hope your day goes better!

      1. It seems like this woman should just mind her own damn business! Haha. Thanks for wishing me well, I hope your class goes back to normal soon 😉

  1. I’ll accept that your razzle dazzle job is not perfect and send you some sympathy for your ridiculous working hours. What is the job you would have if you got the promotion? I think that people should be entitled to 10 minutes of work-related moaning a day (with the unused minutes being stored into a bank for future use) – it’s just good for the soul sometimes I think. I have a couple of people in my life that on the occasional time I get frustrated will say ‘but it’s not that bad’. No, it’s not, but I’d just like to air my frustration and then get on with my life, thank you.

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