Don’t be my friend!

Aaaaaah Sunshine Coast.
For those reading who haven’t heard of the Sunshine Coast, it’s that shire on the south east of Queensland in Australia that’s famous for surfing, ice cream and rapid tanning.

If you like beaches, the sun and a slower paced way of life then you would enjoy living here. Most of my friends do not like that way of life so they’ve moved away, which kinda kills the fun for me when I come back for my triumphant return and find … No one.
But it also makes sense that this has happened to me, because I make friends easily with people who are similar to me, and the fast paced city life is what I value. I’ve sealed my own lonely fate.
What I should do is make friends with people who enjoy living here, so that I can always return to find someone to hang out with. Although it’s altogether to late now, unless I can make a friend in 4 days.

One my friends that I value the most lives in New Zealand! Which is entirely unhelpful, how often do I find myself there? The answer is – not often.
People say that having friends all over the world is great! That when you travel you’ll have a place to stay, but I’m finding that it’s not really that easy.
I care about the friends that I have, the ones that I really value I think about and pine for.

I’m not really someone that does things by halves, so after meeting people I sometimes forget about them immediately, which makes it awkward when later on I can’t recall their name.
Or it goes the other way, I fall for them and miss them earnestly when I’m kept away from them. It’s a horrible trait for someone in my position.

So sure, if I happen to travel where they live I certainly do have a place to stay and someone to see, but in the meantime I have a bunch of people to miss and a reason to stay awake at night and question my life choices.
Ive got friends in Canada. England, America, Brazil, and lots of other countries and it’s so good and so bad!
Part of the problem is that no-one lives in tourist locations! When I visited China recently I was unable to see my friend because he lives in an obscure city somewhere, and I only had time for Shanghai and Beijing. That situation is awful because your so close, but sooooo far.

However despite the reality of this conundrum, it’s not a problem I can see a fix for. I’m not going to stop caring about people, and for the foreseeable future I’m not gonna stop traveling.
I really should introduce a proximity test for my potential friends. I can just see a grueling screening process that involves people being location tested, and their home location tested against my likely future home location. Anymore than a few hundred kilometers, and it’s over before it starts. I’m not quite that insane, but I can see becoming that bad.

I can imagine people that I know reading this and thinking “oh my goodness, he’s pining over me!” But sadly, I’m probably not haha, there aren’t very many people in that category. Most people don’t realize they’re in the other category, and for that I’m very sorry.
I have two friends who I work with that are in a relationship, and it’s for them that I am the most sympathetic. I get so whiney over mere friends! I can’t even imagine what it’s like being on opposite sides of the world with my significant other. They live in completely different continents, and it must be even more difficult. Either that, or perhaps they’re less emotional all the time haha.
However this level of thinking about people is not something that has ever been typical of me in the past. This has only begun recently, and it’s slowly but surely making me notice people more and do things such as ask questions about their lives and listen to the answers.
I’m genuinely far more curious now about how people are, and more than that I notice what they are good at and what they would like to accomplish in life.
I really recommend it, because people lead fascinating lives and have skills and talents you may never have noticed.
The Sunshine Coast is a place that I’ve never walked around thinking “this place is the source of all talent”, because it’s where I grew up, and I’ve always wanted to move away and try and make it somewhere.
But now that I’ve left, and been away for 3 years, I have reached a place in my mind that I can see the place as more than just a place I wanted to leave. There are younger people with more talent than me, who are far better looking than me, who want to go somewhere and make it.
And to these people I want to say just freaking do it. It’s less scary than you think, your better than you think, and those other people your competing against are just as scared as you are.

I’ve always wanted to be a casting director, and this has always made me bold in telling attractive, talented people in world-leading cities that I think they’ll make it.
But now I’m seeing it wherever I am, and I’m seeing people like this in my home town. But how do I tell them? How do I approach the kid of my mothers friend, who’s just out of highschool and just say “hey, I don’t know what you were planning, but you should be a model.”
Is that creepy?

This might be part of the reason I love shark tank so much, it’s is an amazing reality show in which a panel of 5 investors hear business pitches and can invest in the people they believe in.
I wish that I could do a version of that, how much better would it be to approach that same school-leaver and say “hey, I think you should be a model, and here’s $10,000 to get you started, and I’m gonna sponsor your modeling school.”
I dare say people would benefit from that. I’d love to be able to invest in the talent of younger, better people.
But I can’t do everything now, gotta leave something for later in life haha.

So now you know my hopes and dreams, I’m gonna leave you to the rest of your day.
If you have anything you’d like to share, please do so in the comments, or message me. I chat with a few of you and it makes my day!
Soon I’m gonna start getting attached to my blogging chums haha! Oh no, that’d be to much!

Please subscribe to hear more, and like it if you liked it 😉 and we’ll chat again real soon 😉 see ya cool cats later.

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