Speaking Australian in America

Well this is it Australia! It was fun 🙂
I’m waiting my gate for my domestic flight to Sydney before I fly to Dallas.

I’ve checked-in the case I usually take as carry on, half because I’ve made it really heavy this time having crammed it to bursting with DVD seasons of my favorite shows. And half because Disney has paid Qantas to check up to 4 bags before I have to pay, so why not?

I can tell you what I’m not going to miss, our accent. I will forever be confused as to why Americans get such a kick out of our accents. I think our accents make us sound less sophisticated and more whiney.
I like the English accent, I’d happy swap for one of those. Although a lot of Americans guess that my accent is English, which is an assumption I’m ok with.
Despite being ok with this assumption, I don’t understand it. In my opinion, there’s an enormous cavern between the English accent and the Australian. I feel like anyone should be able to distinguish the difference with no problem at all, however my English friends are finding the same issue. They are forever getting assumptions that they’re Australian, and I that I’m English. (They are less ok than I am at the mistake).

Though to be honest, I’m always mixing up the American and the Canadian accents, (but seriously is there a difference at all?)
Even Canadians have to admit, proximity has meant that some Canadians sound the same as Americans. I mean Australia couldn’t be further from England, despite the amount of people I’ve had to correct who thought Australia was in Europe.
This was a genuine conversation I had about 2 years ago at Disney World with a lady.
“Oh your from Australia! Oh, I loved your country in the Sound of Music, it is so beautiful.”
“Ummmm your thinking Austria.”
“Yes well Austria, Australia, same thing really.”
“Aaaaaaaaaah no. Do you seriously think Australia borders Germany??”

I also love answering the question “what’s your first language? You know, your native one.” From there I start making crap up.
It’s French. “Bunjooooooooooor”

I’d like to officially remind the world that we are not in Europe. However id also like to reaffirm the world that it’s ok, Australia isn’t making a large global impact on any scale, and therefore isn’t talked about enough to warrant research or study. So while that’s the case, assume away.
Yes I ride to work in a kangaroos pouch, I have a pet koala, I along with all of our kids was trained to tackle crocodiles, I would have been a father…

… But a dingo ate my baby.

That last one’s my favorite.

Ok time to go, enjoy your day and think far away thoughts. I won’t post again until I’m in Orlando, but as that’s tomorrow I think you’ll be ok haha.
Please subscribe for more traveling craziness and I’ll see ya’ll later. (When in Rome right?” Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa’lllll

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