Orlando and Disney’s Adopted Child

Hey guys!

I dunno who follows along closely along to notice, but I took a detour from my daily posting the second I touched down at Disney World and I’m sorry about it.
It’s not because Disney World is better than you guys, it’s just because this place has a way of whirling days into nothing and suddenly you blink and it’s been three days and you’ve posted nothing.
But here I am, I’ve realised the trend and before I sleep off another day of magic and lots of walking I’m gonna write to you.

My first day back on the 27th I restrained from the Magic Kingdom until later in the afternoon, and drove with my friend up to Cocoa Beach and saw some of Orlando. I’ve never driven that far before, but my suspicions were right on the money.
No matter how far North you go, Orlando is not a lot more than disconnected outlet malls and random shops spread out over great distances. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, is it not the town that town planning forgot? But I love it and it holds a lot of memories for me.

Theres the McDonald’s where I first hung out with what became my best friend, and a different McDonald’s where I hung out with my funniest friend.
Theres the outlet mall that my housemate called me at and pretended he was a stalker, I kept him on the phone for 2 hours while I (Im not kidding) walked to the police station and tried to have them trace the call.
They simply made me fill out a form. Thats it.

We drove past the bus I use to take to the Magic Kingdom when I had been scheduled to do a parade, I could see inside to the seat I’d sit in and freak out with excitement and nerves.
Theres lots of places in Orlando that make me really nostalgic of my first experience living in America, an emotionally driven time but one of the best times of my whole life. I feel very lucky in these times, deeply sad for things lost, and really worried for people that won’t travel and have a similar experience.

There is nothing in the world that feels like leaving home and moving to the other side of the world, it forces you to grow up and changes a lot of things about you. There were so many hard times, but there was so much good; enough now to pine over small things like street signs and lamp posts. Literally I’m acting like my dad when he’d drive us to houses he grew up in, I remember thinking “Dad, it was like years ago, why don’t you forget it?”
But I understand it a little more now.

Anyway, I’m not at all a sentimental person anywhere else in the world, besides Orlando. I can go to lots of places and have nothing but a few warm and fuzzy feelings.

So yesterday I hit Magic Kingdom, it’s grown at lot since I last saw it, but I still know it well enough to power walk to everything I like and cover the park in 7 hours. Wanna hear pathetic? I was still able to whisper “bang” overtop of every firework bang in ‘Wishes’ because I’ve seen it that many times.
Today was Hollywood Studio’s and my friend and I dubbed over the villain part of Fantasmic like a couple of losers.
Other loser things from today,

  • I walked down the ‘Streets of America’ singing ‘Goof Troop’ in my best Portuguese
  • Cheered the mean judge in the ‘American Idol Experience’ then used my accent to escape people being mad at me
  • Figured out all that all the take-away places have to give you free water if you ask for it, so stayed hydrated at Disney for free! (Some say it’s impossible to stay alive for less than a hundred bucks).
  • And tried to offend people by saying things in queues like “I heard Walt Disney didn’t think of any of his supposed ideas.’ Or ‘I think Walt should of stuck with Bugs Bunny as a title character.’ (You would think this offensive to people — you wouldn’t think…)

The best thing about today was seeing old friends, both human and character. Running into old friends like Wreck it Ralph and Frozone made me emotional, plus running into human friends was good too haha.

I can’t believe how many are still here! I hope they know how lucky they are, literally there are millions of lucky Americans out there who could go and work at Disney World any time they wanted.
Although as I work for Disney Cruise Line, and I’m gonna get evil looks if I complain.

Well thats my trip down emotional lane for today, I promise another one won’t come up for a while.
Please subscribe to get more Disney and travel updates. In a couple days I’ll be boarding the Disney Wonder once again, so if you wanna come along then we’d love to have you. 🙂

So have a good one! Please comment or message for questions or conversation 😉 See ya.

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