Custom’s are Killin’ the Fun!

Work argh.
Even when you love your job, work is still work.
My brain is still fried at the end of a shift, I’m still doggedly tired at night and I still have no time to do nothing.
But the job is good, and the best thing about it is returning home to my amazing friends, who genuinely missed me! 
The ship took off from Miami yesterday and we’ve sailed to Key West in Florida. Key West is amazing, its like a little shop town where everyone lives to buy everything for $5. 
There’s tons of small shops selling heavily discounted stuff, although it’s useless stuff for the most part. However if your keen on wearing locally branded shirts and hats, then this place will suit you well. 
Now shops are all good and well, but my favourite part about Key West is the food. 
Whenever I get a few hours off while I’m here I go straight to BurgerFi and get a brisket burger. It’s freaking awesome. They also sell a huge variety of soda’s including vanilla coke! Which seems to only exist in Australia because I can’t find it anywhere else. 
Anyway, once I’m done with BurgerFi I head to Matthersons around the corner and either eat a home made ice-cream sunday, or a quarter pound cookie covered in ice-cream. American goodness. 
I speak vaguely about my time spent in Key West because I wasn’t able to get off today, so I’m recalling my favourite past times. I had the time today, but as I just boarded a U.S vessel yesterday, immigration doesn’t want me to get off the ship for a week. 
If theres something I’ll never understand in this world, it’s the thought process behind the United States Customs and Immigration Border Protection Department. Damn thats long. 
Seriously there would be so fewer hiccups along the road if I didn’t have to worry about the little things immigration does. Every now and then I won’t be able to get off the ship onto a U.S port, doesn’t happen often, but it happens randomly and no reason is given. It’s not just me though, all non U.S citizens have to stay on board on these days. 
But as I’m staying more positive these days, at least I’m living in America and can therefore have these problems to begin with. I could be back in Australia, and would probably be a lot less fulfilled in my career and travel ambition. 
But while I’m at least able to look out into Key West, and am in-fact sitting within spitting distance, I will think about the things I would do. 
Things such as exploring the town! Last time I set a personal best and wondered for an hour right into the heart of town, and it was amazing. Sure it’s just a normal American town, but I’m amazed just to be in a normal American town! The architecture is different, the people are different, it feels like being in a movie. I don’t think everyday Americans can ever know the feeling, until of course they themselves travel to a foreign country and feel the same thing. 
While walking I stumbled upon Ernest Hemingway house, where the great author lived after he got married. And found the only Apple retailer in town, rather a lot of success for one day.
Anyway it’s back to work I go, I’m gonna grab a bite and head back up. Have a great one ya’ll and subscribe for more 😉 See ya

6 thoughts on “Custom’s are Killin’ the Fun!

    1. Its amazing!! Smooth and cool 😉 It’s freaking awesome. Protein?? Are you gonna get buff! Thats awesome! I am doing well, how are you??

      1. I’ll have to give it a go, don’t usually drink fizzy drinks with the whole healthy diet but treated myself to an Irn Bru today:D only to creep up afew lbs but apart from that it’s more about maintaining mass. Experiencing a killer headache and fever for the past hours, couldn’t even write a blog I had in mind!

      2. Oh no! Im so sorry 😦 Im so sad to imagine you sick, I hope you recover really quickly. I wish I ate as well as you, I drink soda really regularly its very bad. I’m trying to quit though, maybe i will use inspiration from you! haha! Get better soon!!

      3. That sickness was something I needed to sleep on.. literally. Although the headache and fever is still there, I’m feeling much better thank you! As English tradition, nothing a ‘cuppa won’t solve;)

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