Down-playing Cinco de Mayo in Mexico

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

Today I’m in Mexico! And though it’s a big deal in America, apparently not so much here in the country where I assumed it would matter most. People here don’t find it all that special, although still put on a big party for all the locals and push booz on you while your trying to order breakfast.

I’m here in Rock n Java, a super awesome little cafe right on the water and for once it’s not very hot. I think I’m beginning to piss off the waiter though, because even though it’s not busy, I’m only just beginning to write this now and I’ve been sitting here an hour and a half.
It’s weird, every-time I’m here there will be like 3 tables being used in like 20, but once I’m done eating they will begin the not-so-subtle waiter push out the door routine. Who am I inconveniencing here?

I almost made a grand mistake, I ordered a glass of water and shunned the bottle they brought me. “No no!” Says I, “a glass will be fine.” To that my friend whispers “take the bottle……….”
It’s called ‘Montezuma’s curse’ apparently. It’s the name given to the individual who drinks tap water in Mexico, then spends the next three days camping on the toilet. Yuuuuk.

So I’m sticking with my mango smoothie and freaking enormous nachos that I ordered from the appetizers menu.
I’ve begun to understand that while I’m in America, when I order from the ‘entrée’ menu, I’m actually ordering a main course. Because Americans call main courses the entree.
But in Mexico I’m beginning to suspect it’s the same thing, except they are calling main courses ‘appetizers’, because I’m a big eater, and I can’t finish this.
That, or this cafe is still perfecting it’s English menu.

I’m debating going to Mega after my meal (think Mexican Wal-Mart).
Mega is a giant store that sells everything, and sells it very cheaply. One time I only bought a coke, but I encountered a tender problem. I had a one dollar note, which they accept, but she didn’t have enough change to accept it. It was literally far to valuable. So I bought a chocolate aswell, Mega is amazing.

People come to Mexico and swim with dolphins, go to the beach, go to bars. I hit cafés and super discounted massive stores. Doing Central America the right way. 😉

So starting tomorrow I will enjoy 4 straight days at sea (argh) before hitting Columbia. It’s a disgrace (because I hate the undeserved popularity ‘Modern Family’ has received) but I almost entirely want to see the country because of Gloria. Gloria talks about Columbia so much in that show (how do I know? Because I watch it. I’m part of the he problem. Boo me). And when she talks about it she projects so much pride in her country, it’s made me really want to visit.
I wish I had that much pride in mine! But I don’t haha, all my jokes are at the expense of Australia.

Alright this waiter looks about ready to physically throw me out, so I’ll go. I’ll post again in a few days so keep an eye out! Please subscribe to keep up with the journey, and comment to be part of the conversation. 🙂

Till next time, buenos nachos!

2 thoughts on “Down-playing Cinco de Mayo in Mexico

    1. Bahahahaha yes i do! And no, dolphins are less exciting when your from a country with as much access as Australia haha :p

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