Touring the surface of the sun

I’m in Columbia and this is the hottest I’ve ever been in my life.
So I’m gonna be honest here, I took a tour of Catagena purely because of the recommendation of Gloria from modern family. But it was a ridiculously beautiful city, separated down the middle by a river just like Shanghai.
Also like Shanghai one side was the old city, and the other side the new. The old city was stunning and full of history. All of the he castles and fortes are still here, cannons still set up as they were 300 years ago, statues and everything still here.
Even the buildings have been protected by government for all this time, so that even though the insides have become shops and restaurants and such, the outsides have not even changed the paint color on threat of prosecution.
So we’re traveling through what is literally a medieval city armed to the teeth for the threat of invasion from Spain. The art galleries are literally converted medieval jails, the doors to the gallery are jail bars.
Plus with flowers hanging off everything it completed an ancient town look I’ve been craving since I saw that movie that had an old town in it. Remember that one? Russell Crowe or someone was in it I think.
Anyway, just had lunch and the BEST coffee I’ve ever had. We literally all chugged down the coffee in 5 seconds and demanded more, we couldn’t believe it.
Then she gave us a fruit smoothie made up of literally only fruit and water, but had been blended so much it was frothy and delicious. I was in heaven. The food was great too, full of spices and flavor, but the coffee was like my mouth was dipped in a river of endless happiness and joy.
I sound kinda weird, possible because of the heat stroke I’m no doubt experiencing, but if you can get down to South America, get your butt here.

We paid some money and got what I’ve never had before, an English speaking tour guide, and he gave us a lot of insight and history. Who knew this place was invaded so much for its sapphires? There’s a lot of gems here, the jewellery shop was the best stocked jewelers I’ve ever seen, simply dripping in gems. Think the cave of wonders from Aladdin. But the prices are astronomical, but that’s mostly because of the worthlessness of the Columbian peso. Literally it converts at 2,000 for 1 US dollar. Ca-razy.

Anyway I’m going to leave the wifi and get something to drink before I die. I’m almost in Panama so an update will land soon. 🙂 Subscribe and come along! Sia Jien!

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