Turning to the Dark Side

Still at sea and for the first time it’s affecting me. 

I feel fine when I’m out on the open deck and staring at the ocean, but the rest of the time I’m getting jittery and nervous.
Part of the reason I suspect I’m so jittery is because I’m secretly negotiating a contract with a rival entertainment company.
Its a scary world, the world of entertainment contracts. The money, the shows, the rights, the perks and privileges, theres a lot to consider.
It’s made more intense when you work on a ship, your negotiating with your home and your adopted family. If I switch ships, I’m leaving behind people I love and a home I take pride in and talk about on my vacations. If I move ships and companies I give up everything on the hope that the grass will be greener elsewhere, and when one entertains for Disney, one sure is taking a colossal risk switching to anything else.
But despite what millions of people around the world believe, there are other entertainment companies out there putting out comparable live entertainment. There are shows where the performers are enjoying working conditions and compensation that would make others green with envy and literally ‘jump ship’ (giggle). Plus at the end of the day people come to Disney because it’s Disney, I’m curious to be part of an entertainment team that literally has to convince people to come, and wow them enough to force audiences to talk about them over the noise of people talking about Disney’s Frozen.
Plus I’m hoping theres some serious perks coming in the direction of people that choose to leave Disney for someone else, I mean companies bold enough to poach from Disney must have some deep pockets.
But before I get too carried away let me say that I haven’t committed to anything, and it’s still all speculation, heck nothing could change and I could still be doing what I’m doing at Christmas. But I am looking for some change in my job in some form, and whether it’s by switching companies, or just by moving up within Disney, if I’m forced to work this Christmas for the 3rd Christmas in a row, I want to be doing something freaking awesome this year.
Each Christmas season with Disney has been great, but I’m now looking at my options and I want more. Maybe it’s because I’m conscious that I’m going to turn 25 this Christmas, when I turn a quarter century I want no doubts about what I’m doing.
That travel is amazing, and the company is the most recognisable in the world, but I need something new in my day to day life. I need an upgrade, and whether by promotion or absconding to a rival company, I’m gonna have a good birthday this year, I can feel it.
If you have any questions or comments let me know! Also subscribe and hopefully soon there’ll be an update. By this time next month hopefully things will be at least a little different, if not, at least I’ll be in Alaska.

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