Winning at Failing

Hey guys, so sorry about the gap, internets been a nightmare.
even though I’m in America a lot more now, I’m having problems finding cafes and am relying on my terrible phone. And its terrible.
I’ve finally wrangled my phone into writing this post today, but its been hard work and even as I write this it keeps flipping the screen and resizing everything. If your gonna advertise a phone as ‘smart’, make it top of the bloody class smart, not the idiot in the corner smashing his head on the desk. Your not a genius ‘coz you turned up.

Anyway I’m in San Diego today but I opted to stay on the ship even though I could have gotten off because I chose to go to a hopeless audition, because I’m addicted to them.
I can’t help myself! I love auditioning, and it seems the further from my skill set, the more likely I’ll turn up. Handsome pirate audition? Why not! Professional ballet? Of course! Previous training be damned!
So instead of exploring the city, I danced around like an idiot wowing the professionals with how clumsy I can really be on a stage. But I’m ok with it!

I’ll always turn up to auditions because i don’t think I’ll ever get over my addiction, I mean how can you beat the rush! Also nothing is better than dancing to a kick-ass soundtrack for a role that you lost no sleep over anyway.
The role was for a dance version of a position I’ve already held, and will probably hold again. But as I really can’t dance I lost no pride leaving the theatre having been cut.

I do feel bad for people who really did want it though, sometimes its me and its horrible failing the audition you worked so hard for.
Its just a fact your gonna fail a lot more auditions than your gonna pass, but when its something you really wanted, it hits very hard. I dare say I’ve got some comforting to do today for a few distraught friends.

So a good audition to start the day and I’m ready to go! I’m gonna joke about it all day, do a few mock versions of the routine with my fellow losers and have a laugh, but that’s the only way to be. In life your gonna mostly fail, but it only takes one success and your set.
And its gonna happen 😉 statistically its gotta happen eventually!

Anyway better go, off to San Francisco today and I cannot wait to try and touch the bridge as we sail under it 😉 subscribe and stay tuned and I’ll let you know how it goes! Come on board with me as we head to Alaska and I’ll see ya real soon 😉

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