Me and the Seas beginning to freeze

Well folks I’ve moved to Canada (in saying that my ship is now based in Vancouver).
In a word its freezing here, and unbelievably my single sweatshirt is proving insufficient.
I’ve spent most of the past week at sea and (as it always does) it has allowed me to become disillusioned with my job and tired me out.
I’m worried about the time that will follow the day I quit my job (if I decide to do so). The blog of a traveling performer for the Walt Disney Company will become the account of a bored and out of work actor trapped within the confounds of his giant island home. (I’m sure it’ll be riveting reading).
The alternative will be the continuing diary of an increasingly disillusioned traveler waiting for either a promotion or rivalling job offer. Both of these however seem to fading as quickly as the temperature is dropping on these open freezing seas.
I’m one of the few unlucky people onboard who’s happiness is governed more-so by the quality of my work than the quality of my life. Because of this I can see new places and countries everyday, and make incredible lifelong friends, and yet have it soured by unchallenging work. My main problem with my work is how little it asks of what I can really offer, without a promotion which would ask a great more of me I can’t see myself here for Christmas, or even Halloween I can imagine.
Each night I worry that the great regret of my life may become my ability to spoil great experiences with my unquenchable ambition. Goodness we’ve delved deep today.
This week we’ll be making our first stops at several places across Alaska. I’ve been promised cafes, internet, warmth, and sufficient time so i should be writing much more often. I hanker for the days I wrote much more.
Please subscribe to hear much more in the near future, I promise I’ll cheer up soon and fill you in on my account of Alaska. 🙂 Until then my friends, stay warm.

3 thoughts on “Me and the Seas beginning to freeze

  1. Just as my country gets warm, you face the bitter cold;) A change from Australia though! I hope you do find the job promo / new job you’re looking for man, can’t wait for the posts in the next few days

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