Sailing into Sitka

Is there anything in this world so wonderful as Downton Abbey?
Besides being an amazing story that makes me laugh even as I crying, it teaches the values that I need to learn evidently very badly.
People at Downton put time into things, and work at their goals while suffering sometimes awful circumstances and occupations. Plus they not only do this, they do it without complaining or quiting.
Its been five months since I passed my audition and was passed for promotion, which by non-ship time seems not long enough to lose your mind over.
But on a ship a day is equivalent to a week, and a week a month. Don’t question the maths.
The reason for this is that so much can somehow fit into a day on a ship. You can work a million hours, have an adventure in a foreign country, catch up with your friends, go clubbing, and of course demolish a season of Downton Abbey easily.
I don’t understand how it adds up, literally a day seems 70 hours long. I’ve been back less than three weeks and I’ve worked more than 200 hours, lived a social life, and somehow finished all 7 seasons of 30 Rock and 2 seasons of Downton.
For the most part all I can think is that there’s all these hours in a day we don’t realise we have, until we’re on a ship.
So to all those “busy” people back on land, find those hours. Your not actually busy, I must write that last part on Facebook.
However thanks to Downton Abbey I’m going to apprieciate more of these hours and learn to have patience with and stick at things, no-matter how unfulfilling. Despite having very little perspective I can understand that things are not that bad, I’m not an oppressed housemaid in the 1910’s, and tomorrow I’ll possibly see my first glacier.
In keeping with the theme of where we are in the world we’ve reintroduced a ‘Brother Bear’ show, does anyone remember that movie? I’ve had to watch it and its basically ‘Brave’ but a little bit worse.
However the show is good, even if you don’t recognise the characters.
I think it’d make far more sense for Disney to introduce a Frozen show in my opinion, even if we’re in the wrong part of the world. But its cold here though right? There’s ice and snow here, so it’d fit, even if Brother Bear is literally set exactly where the ship is sailing.
The Disney Magic will sail to Norway next year, the country where Frozen is set, lets hope the Frozen hype hasn’t thawed by then. (See what i did there).
Well we’re almost in Sitka, and tomorrow I’ll have ample time to take full advantage. I only hope I won’t have to resort to wearing a full costume beneith my clothes to escape dying of cold.
So if I survive I’ll chat with you then, until then please continue with me and talk again soon. 🙂

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