My New Home Town

Its strange the way small towns have such a positive effect on me, so long as they aren’t hot.
Sitka was a freezing little home town that made me feel like I’d returned to a place I’d never been before.
A town close to the water and surrounded by snow covered mountains, it didn’t have any highrises or malls I could see, but plenty of warm shops and good food served on plastic plates.
I very much enjoyed exploring Sitka, and imagined walking where Sandra Bullock may have while making ‘The Proposal.’
But the best thing may have been finding the prize I’ve been searching for since I returned to Orlando over a month ago.
I’ve searched Orlando malls, Miami shops, Mexican Walmart, anyway that has sold electronics.
But despite searching searching electronics shops that are leading America, I didn’t find what I was after until I found a failing American chain (Radio Shack) in a small town in Alaska.
What was this elusive prize? Pokemon Y for the 3DS of course!
Luckily I found it after having explored Sitka and when I was almost back anyway, so rushing back to play it wasn’t wasting exploration time.
If you find yourself exploring Sitka soon and like me you don’t like seafood, I recommend Mexican. I had a wonderful burrito at that little place by the bank.
All the plates and cutlery are think and plastic, I don’t really know why but in a small town in the freezing cold it seems charming and warm.
Just like in San Francisco I didn’t explore alone, I called my brother and we chatted the whole time as I explored physically and he followed my on Google Earth.
I think if one is creative its easy to hang out with anyone you like in the world, all it takes is creativity, some internet and someone willing to throw sleep to the wind, if timezone differences are as extreme for you as they are for me.
Thanks to this technology I’ve hung out with him in lots of places in the world, and I thank goodness we live in this time. Only 40 years ago my friends mother worked for a cruise ship and she had a phone call at Christmas, that’s it.
I’m someone that’s use to being away from people I care about, but that’s to extreme for me.
But I’m guessing in 40 years people doing what I’m doing will look back to our time and wonder how we managed.
In any case its time i
I went to bed. Another day and another place tomorrow, so I’ll keep you informed. I’ll speak soon so keep in touch 🙂

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