As Authentic as it Gets


I’m currently sitting in the first authentic Mexican restaurant in Ketchikan, complete with pictures of burgers and chili piñata’s. This place might be the strangest and most amazingly confused Mexican place I’ve ever seen, that apparently sells the best pizza in town.

We are sitting at an old fashioned glass topped table watching the soccer in Spanish, which seems to also be captivating the chef who is half attentively preparing our food. But it’s amazing nonetheless this little town, and I’m beginning to grow addicted to this freezing part of the world.

Omg the pizza just arrived and it’s incredible, I ordered a Mexican pizza which is basically a pizza covered in taco ingredients, and it couldn’t be better.
Don’t you hate it though when your drink comes in a can? It’s Spanish for “when it runs out, it’s gone.” I’m preserving it like water in the desert.

I think the architecture is part of the reason this place keeps amazing me, these houses are so unlike anything I’m use to, everything is insanely foreign. You know, I think I’m in Narnia.
My friends have done some amazing things that I haven’t gotten around to doing yet, and am not yet sure about. For example (and you tell me if you think it’s worth it) in Sitka for $250 I could take a helicopter trip to the top of a glacier, ride a sled pulled by huskys and hold a baby husky.
I feel like I figured out the answer while I was typing it.

The greatest joy that could happen I’m still waiting for, and that’s seeing the northern lights (and that’s free!)
All I think we’re waiting for is a clear sky at night, which is a lot to ask for up here. Also night is a lot to ask for up here, as sunset happens at about 11pm where we are.

So today is the last day of Alaska for this week, tomorrow we set sail for Canada and arrive the day after tomorrow. After we arrive home in Canada we rest up for a bit, then sail on back!
Although I’ll be in Canada the day after tomorrow I don’t think I’ll be able to take advantage as I have a rehearsal to attend. However having just written a couple posts complaining about how my job isn’t going anywhere fast enough, I won’t complain about not getting off because I get to rehearse something new haha, so it’s a blessing long awaited.

I’ll write again soon, sorry about the tech problems but I’m back good as new now and hope to see lots more of you 🙂 subscribe for more advantages in the north and ill talk again soon. 🙂 see ya!

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