Concerns of a Travel Addict

Well guys its back to Canada tomorrow, back to where I’ll call home for the next few months.
I will stay based in Canada until about late September, and during this time will be visiting various parts of Alaska through the week each week.
Although the cold was a rude shock at first, and though I’m still not completely comfortable with it, I am use to it now. Plus the cold is not a high price to pay to be able to stay so far north of the rest of the world.
I’ve been wondering whether I should consider Toronto for a future home? Its a prominent theatre scene, not to mention a strong market for screen.
Not to mention that for an Australian, a working visa in Canada would be much easier to obtain than an American one for sure. Although to do that I’d have to pay to go home whenever I wanted to see my family, and from Canada I’m not sure I could manage the $2000 return flight. I’ve become so accustomed to to flying the world without cost I’m not sure I could justify the cost!
For the price of seeing my family I could re-do my whole China trip again. At this point it becomes an unsavory competition, to see my family and all the places I’ve seen a thousand times before, or go to a country I’ve never experienced and have a life changing time. I’m not yet so mature that I could make that choice I dare say.
But choices such as these are the ones facing all young travelers, do we forsake the nest and see the world without looking back? Or do we return home and build a life, forsaking home sickness and the pains of missing people.
Well I can’t manage the later, so I guess I’ll have to endure the former.
Like most travel bugs I could never make a life in my home town, so if I’m to make a life at all, it’ll have to be somewhere new.
How about you guys? Are these issues your facing?
If you migrate somewhere long term, can you disconnect yourself for as long as it takes?
Right now I travel all around and don’t stay anywhere for long, but I cant do it forever.
Let me know your thoughts, when is one expected to settle down? And can one be expected to do it at home? I’m off to have lunch now but subscribe for more travel tales and thoughts, and I’ll talk again soon. 🙂

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