What to Do, Where to Go

Hey guys, sorry its been such a long time, work has taken a positive turn in the right direction and things are beginning to go my way… I got promoted!!
Im making more money and doing much more of the work I love.
With this new work it’s been new scripts out the wazoo, so I’ve been locked in my room memorizing and rehearsing the nights away.
This has eaten away the last few weeks of potential blogging time, but things should begin returning to normal.
Im still in Alaska and have been dog sledding, trekking glaciers, stomping through fresh snow and watching for whales and seals.
This week we’ve been hosting Alaskan legend Mrs Patricia Kramer who’s here giving talks about totem poles and local culture and its been incredible to listen to. My job this week has been to present her to uninterested pre-teens and hormonally charged teenagers.
It seems unfitting however that this woman who flies the country verifying the legitimacy of newly acquired totem poles for some of the worlds leading museums should be here giving talks for uninterested kids. But whether these kids are listening or not, I definitely am listening, and hearing first hand experience and knowledge from someone who has been presented with an eagles feather by aboriginal Alaskan leaders for exceptional contribution to local culture has been truly a once in a lifetime experience.
I live for once in a lifetime experiences, we should all be cramming them into life as often as we can. I don’t mean like a good night out, getting drunk and making a lot of noise, I mean true experiences. We only live so long.
This upcoming vacation in October has me thinking round the clock on what I can do with it. I may have 6 or 8 weeks to spend doing whatever I like, and choosing between countries to visit and things to do is very difficult. Not to mention that my family is expecting me to make an appearance back home and I can’t rip them off too much.
A few of you may remember I’ve been planning to spend couple weeks of it in New York with my brother, who now also wants to spend time in Los Angeles. While I love the idea of seeing New York, and can see myself enjoying LA, I had hoped to revisit China.
Ive discovered the Keats School in Kunming China which offers one on one mandarin training with a native speaking teacher, full accommodation and food, plus airport transfers aswell. It seems incredible, and its quite a lot of value for the price. The reviews online are very favorable and it seems like a wonderful way to spend a couple weeks. By yourself in China, studying mandarin and exploring the local town, it seems perfect. But time and money wise I may have to put it off, which kills me because I’m not a patient person. Although if i do wait i could add stuff such as Tai Qi lessons, calligraphy and anything else I feel like doing.
If I could, I would do everything I want to do in the same period of 6 weeks I have off from work, but then I wouldn’t see my family or friends which wouldn’t be any good. Im far to addicted to traveling, however far to emotionally attached to people at home. Its a bad combination.
Well its time I got off and went and saw some of Skagway where I am today, be in touch and subscribe if you’d like to hear more. Talk soon! 🙂

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