The Snow is Melting

Hey guys, how’s your summer?
I’m still in Alaska, but not for much longer. I can feel the end coming as I realize that in just a few weeks we will head back down the coast, through the Panama Canal and up the East Coast to our new home in Orlando. 2 hours from Disney World.
Even Alaska is feeling like it has a summer now, I’m wearing less layers every time I go outside, and as I sit here in a Tim Hortons here in sunny Vancouver. After so many cold days, it’s interesting busting out my t-shirts and remembering they need washing. They’ve been so useless during the last couple months, I’ve just been wearing them all to bed. Now they’ve all retired, but everyone who knows me knows I’ll buy good food over a new shirt any day. One shirt has a collar that’s coming away from the shirt, but I know a breakfast place is Vancouver that I must throw all my money too.
However may I first just say that people who compare Tim Hortons to Starbucks are ridiculous, this iced coffee is a joke, and my croissant is soggy. This chain would never ever survive in America.
It literally came out of a an automatic machine. My American friend from California has such insane and specific demands for the baristas that make her coffee, this woman who stuck my cup under the dispenser would have laughed in her face. “Your not in America anymore baby.”
But it’s sunny here and hot, and I’m feeling like I’m back home. It’s at this point that I remember part of the reason I’m not at home, I hate the heat.
People actively seeking sunshine and tans and sweat seem ridiculous to me. You just end up feeling dirty, having frizzy hair, and stinking. Give me the cold anyday. Although I say that until I’m given freezing cold and snow, then when my feet freeze and my nose goes numb I change my tune like you wouldn’t believe.
But anyway, Alaska is running out of time and there’s so much more I want to eat! I’m so use to being here now that I feel like I live here! I have a favorite restaurant in Ketchikan, and a favorite backup restaurant for when Bill and the boys don’t feel like coming into work. A favorite crepe place in Juneau which has a loyalty card that’s due for cashing in! Although when in Skagway that place is a bit of a wild card, I never know what to do.
So now that the time is running out I’ve got to use it well!! What should I do?? I was looking back at my time here and I’ve done a lot that I’m really happy about. I trekked a glacier and finally felt snow, I tasted melted glacier water, I hugged a husky puppy, I hiked through Alaskan wilderness, and ate a LOT of local Alaskan food.
The only thing I should really do is buy something non edible. I literally have nothing tangible from my time here, because all I wanna do is eat. But I should buy at least a little something, like a little totem pole or something. I think I should get raven, because he reminds me of slitheren. And from my extremely limited knowledge of Harry Potter, I’m better that would be my club.
If you have any suggestions for things I should do before I go than let me know, it was good to chat again and I’ll update you again real soon. 😉 Comment to have a chat with me and subscribe for more o’ the good stuff. 🙂

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